Tom Hiddleston’s High Rise May Lead Him To Die Hard Reboot

The big question these days is if Tom Hiddleston’s High Rise May Lead Him To Die Hard Reboot?!?

The question stands, but get all the details on the Crimson Peak star on the flip…


Could Tom Hiddleston’s role in High Rise lead him to a reboot of the movie that made Bruce Willis a household name?

JG Ballard adaptation High-Rise looks to be a wicked project in comparisons to a certain action-movie-in-a-skyscraper called Die Hard, which has multiple sequels. And another on the way. The Die Hard franchise was leading to a younger John McClane so we are unsure if  Tom Hiddleston role in High Rise will take him that direction or not?

The Avengers star revealed just why he couldn’t turn down the opportunity to star in Ben Wheatley’s stylish and surreal movie.


If there was a reboot to Die Hard we see him more as the antagonist role, the villainous Hans Gruber, which was played by the late Alan Rickman.

What’s certain is that Hiddleston is our favorite surprise Bruce Willis fan of 2016.

High-Rise also stars Jeremy Irons, Sienna Miller, Luke Evans, Elisabeth Moss, James Purefoy and Keeley Hawes also star in Wheatley’s film.

High-Rise will arrive in cinemas on March 18, 2016.