Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

A few lucky ones were able to head over to Sony and see a 15 minute feature of the upcoming Ridley Scott Sc-Fi Horror Alien: Covenant!!!

What are the lucky critics saying about his new installment Alien: Covenant ? Flip and find out…

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting has the reviews in from a few lucky ones that were invited to checkout a 15 minute first look at Alien: Covenant along with the upcoming trailer.

Now it’s rumored that the Alien: Covenant trailer may be coming as soon as next week, like an early Christmas gift to diehard fans. However, there is no confirmation of that just yet. The cool thing is that Alien: Covenant is sounding like another one of the MUST SEE films of 2017. Especially if you’re a Sc-fi horror fanatic like ourselves.

Here is what director Ridley Scott has said about Alien: Covenant. FYI, David will return, but the film questions, “does David have a soul?” Interesting twist right?

Scott had this answer:

“The film will bring the roots of the Alien franchise back.The plot is located just before the first film Alien and Xenomorph will be present at the time, as the first poster. Also according to the director, the production much less bet on science fiction than Prometheus”

He adds:

“The film will follow a crew with a mission to colonize a distant place in space. They find a planet unmapped what appears to be harmless, with mountains and rivers (all filmed in New Zealand), but holds many dangers and the group will need to combat the danger of the place.The idea, he says, is to bring back the atmosphere of horror. A claustrophobic aesthetic: “I think it will scare the people of truth” . He also talked about the character of Michael Fassbender , which is dangerous, but”may have a soul.” The scenarios seem grandiose, with statues of the faces of the engineers who resemble the heads of Easter Island. The debut Alien: Covenant is scheduled for May 19, 2017.”

Alien: Covenant 15 minute feature reviews via Twitter:

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien: Covenant: The BUZZ Is Starting

Alien is just one of the movies that NEVER disappoints, well, as long as you delete Alien 3 out of the franchise. It was such a disappointing sequel when you put it next to the franchise of Alien movies. Below we have our worst to best Alien (best being #1) films below.

Alien Worst to Best Movies:

5. Alien 3 – This was the movie that killed the franchise with a terrible story line, bad editing, boring subject matter. Killing off fan favorite survivors and putting Ripley in an all male prison was almost like the bastard child film nobody wants to claim.

4. Alien Resurrection – it was a nice attempt to revive the franchise with a strong cast, but with the high octane body count the film lost the initial foundation of what Alien is about.

3. Prometheus – A great telling of Alien from a prequel point of view. It gives such a great back story. It is brilliant, but its expected when brilliance is sitting in the directors chair. Ridley Scott is the one man who can pull films like these off and make their universe seem so authentic and real, you believe it is really history.

2. Aliens – James Cameron combined his greatness with the brillaint world created by Ridley Scott and came up with the infinite Aliens. Its almost like his precursor for the creation of his Avatar films. Aliens is a classic Sc-Fi film.

1. Alien – The original Alien – “In space no one can hear you scream.” A chilling sentence that lives today. Alien is that film that so many films want to be. It took you to a world of discovery, but this one was not friendly. In fact, this one wanted anything in its path dead. Scott vision for Alien was superbly created, and his backstory answering the question why added a new dimension of terror to the original plot line. With that said, we can only imagine what he has in store for us with Alien: Covenant.