Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Talk about Snatched

Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Talk about Snatched

Amy Schumer talks about how she has been really lucky with movie scripts since Train Wreck. Schumer explains that Goldie Hawn was her idol growing up and she only saw her in the role of her mom in Snatched.

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Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn Talk about Snatched

She says that she “secreted” Goldie Hawn. She never thought that this was Goldie’s comeback movie, but she states that she would only grace the screen if the film was a great project. She says that she can’t wait to look back with Goldie by her side and laugh about making the movie.

Amy Schumer talks about each and every cast member of the film. She goes on to say that she wants Snatched to be a physical experience for movie goers. She just wants everyone to “really ride the wave and the adventure of it.”

Listen to Amy Schumer below talking about Snatched:

Goldie Hawn talks about how Amy Schumer came up to her and asked her to fulfill her dream in making a movie together. She explains that getting offered Snatched was a miricle. She feels that making a movie with one of the funniest women in the field is amazing.

Goldie says:

“I have amazing respect for her…it’s like the greatest thing ever. Talk about playing in the field of greatness.”

Hawn adds:

Amy “has a very strong point of view. She’s unabashed about it, and yet she’s got incredible timing…I can’t say enough” about Schumer.

Goldie admits that she was already a fan of Amy’s, so pairing up with her was a “Joy”…it was “genius.” She talks about the movie is layered perfectly with comedy because there is a great mind behind the making and development of the film.

Goldie Hawn says working with Amy is like working with a facility. She is always working, thinking and coming up with fresh new ideas to make a scene better.

Listen to Goldie Hawn below:

Take a look at Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn’s onscreen chemistry – it’s straight up perfection. Comedy like this is what is missing from theater today. Goldie Hawn is a true talent that should be making great comedies like Meryl Streep and Diana Keaton. She is an iconic starlet and a legend of comedy greatness. We have to thank Amy Schumer for bringing back one of our favorite ladies to the movies.

Take a look at this clip from Snatched called “It Works”:

20th Century Fox’s Snatched travels to theaters on May 12, 2017.