Anne Hathaway In Talks To Star in Sony’s Barbie

Anne Hathaway In Talks To Star in Sony's Barbie

Earlier this year it was said that Amy Schumer backed away from Sony’s Barbie movie, but the film is back on track with Anne Hathaway as Mattel’s favorite gal living the fab life.

Read on to get more details on Anne Hathaway as Barbie…

Anne Hathaway In Talks To Star in Sony's Barbie has just received word that Oscar winning actress Anne Hathaway will be Barbie in the upcoming live action film.

Meanwhile, Alethea Jones, who makes her directorial debut with the upcoming comedy Fun Mom Dinner, is in talks to direct. Currently, Hathaway is a go unless the project conflicts with her film schedule.

Anne Hathaway as Barbie first broke via The Tracking Board, though the deal has been in the works for several months, and has been hinted at in other publications. What we are hearing is that Anne is committed to the film as long as it doesn’t conflict with her schedule.

Why Anne Hathaway might say NO to Barbie:

The actress and studio have been engaged in talks for quite some time, they think a deal will eventually be struck. Hathaway is currently set to film several projects. The all female “Ocean’s Eight” is a wrap and in post production. However, she is set to star in “Live Fast Die Hot,” “The Lifeboat,” and “Nasty Women.” She is currently filming “Serenity” which is set for a 2018 release. Barbie has yet to be added to her list of projects on IMDB since she and the studio have yet to confirm her as Barbie.

Sony responded to the report by stating that Anne Hathaway’s involvement is still “very premature.”

Why Amy Schumer Backed out of Barbie:

Amy Schumer originally signed on to star in this Barbie movie back in December 2016, but in March of 2017 she backed out due to scheduling conflicts. She posted on social media that she was “bummed” it couldn’t work out.

This Barbie movie has been in the works for quite some time now, first announced in April 2014 when the studio brought in Jenny Bicks (What A Girl Wants) to write the script. Since then, Sony brought Diablo Cody aboard to rewrite the script.


What Direction Barbie will Take:

When Amy Schumer was attached, the story followed her character in the land of Barbie, where everyone but her is perfect. If Hathaway agrees to do Barbie the movie may center around her brunette hair, making her Barbie the oddball standout in a sea of perfect blonde Barbies. Right now, there is no word on what Barbie will be about. All we know is the live action movie will be about acceptance, find who you are and loving yourself. It sounds like a far cry from what Mattel’s Barbie represents, but we hope it all works in the end.

Barbie’s release date has been tentatively slated for June 29, 2018. It will face Warner Bros.’ Tag and STX Entertainment’s I Feel Pretty. We’re expecting another push back soon since Warner Bros. Ocean’s Eleven spin-off Ocean’s Eight hits theaters on June 8, 2018.