Aquaman Script Scrapped; New Script Being Written

Aquaman Script Scrapped; New Script Being Written

The DC Extended Universe continues to take shape, and now they’ve decided to scrap the initial Jason Momoa Aquaman Script and is now being redeveloped by the controversial new screenwriting trend called “dual tracking!!!”

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Jason Momoa Aquaman Script Scrapped; New Script Being Written has just learned that the original script for Aquaman has been tossed out, since  Warner Bros. is retooling the film after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was a disappointment.

In the wake of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’s disappointing reception and the subsequent adjustments made by Warner Bros. It now appears that the Aquaman movie went through a bit of retooling and is now moving forward with just one screenwriter.

Now that Will Beall (Gangster Squad and a very early draft of Justice League), Kurt Johnstad (300: Rise of an Empire) and David Leslie Johnson’s penned third script has all come together.

The Aquaman Script is finally moving forward. Well sort of. THR, tracks the development for Aquaman were recently scrapped as Wan and newly installed DC Films head Geoff Johns got together to focus on getting the story for the Aquaman movie in top shape. Now that the story is finalized, Beall is being brought back to write the script, this time as the project’s only writer.

Warner is making sure to cross all their T’s a dot all it i’s since Batman v Superman: Dawn of the Justice League was a learning lesson. The film was too dark, too angry and Batman was too one dimensional. Hopefully Ben Affleck will improve on all those points. By the looks of the Justice League movie he has.

It’s been a curious development process thus far, and certainly one could see Warner Bros. getting a bit ahead of itself in trying to launch its interconnected DC Extended Universe. However, it’s nice to see the studio eager to make the best film possible, even when that means scrapping whatever work was already put into it. Johns is now one of the main architects of this DC Extended Universe as he was recently set to lead the DC Films unit alongside WB executive vice-president Jon Berg. Indeed, Johns is credited as co-writer on next year’s Wonder Woman and is co-writing Ben Affleck’s standalone Batman movie, so it certainly seems like he’ll have a heavy hand in crafting the DC films going forward. – Screen Rant

More developments on the Aquaman Script will continue through the end of the year with filming on Aquaman getting underway sometime in 2017. So far, Momoa and Amber Heard as Mera are the only cast members set for Aquaman, although Willem Dafoe is expected to play some sort of Aquaman-connected character in the upcoming Justice League. Which means Dafoe will most likely tie into the stand alone Aquaman movie.

Aquaman still has a while before it hits the big screen on July 27, 2018.