Austin Powers 4 Possibly In The Works

Austin Powers 4 Possibly In The Works

Could it be true? It’s time to bust out the bubbly baby, Yeah! Mike Myers is finally prepared to get Austin Powers 4 up and running.

Mike Myers and director Jay Roach have expressed interest in doing another Austin Powers movie. Read on to get the latest scoop on Austin Powers 4 possibly in the works…

Austin Powers 4 Possibly In The has learned that Mike Myers and director Jay Roach are ready to bring Austin Powers 4 to the big screen, but with a twist.

Fans have been waiting for Austin Powers return to the big screen since the franchise’s last installment, Goldmember for nearly 20 years.

Mike Myers has expressed an interest in making Austin Powers 4, but he and Roach discussed that the sequel was a strong possibility if they were able to find the right angle.

Shockingly enough, Myers and Roach appear to have found that right angle. Myers revealed that they story will be told through the eyes of Dr. Evil.

Yes, Austin’s twin evil brother.  It’s kind of like Despicable Me 3 where the two twin brothers learn about each other. It almost makes us wonder if DM3 was inspired by the Austin Powers franchise.

Anyways, Mike Myers has been out promoting Terminal, which is his first live-action role since 2009’s Inglorious Basterds.

During one of his Q & A’s the Austin Powers star was asked about the possibility of a fourth installment.

It’s been a long time since Mike has been fired up to reprise the role of the witty British detective, but here is what he had to say:

I would love to do a movie from Dr. Evil’s perspective. So, it would be Dr. Evil 1, Austin Powers 4, is how I would roll… Start the campaign, please. Thank you.

Telling the story of Austin Powers 4 through the eyes of Dr. Evil would be an excellent way to push the franchise forward. It’s a creative fresh approach giving the movie a whole new life.

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