Barrack Obama and Michelle in Southside With You

First Look at Barrack Obama in Southside With You


First look: Barrack Obama in Southside With You, the Miramax and Roadside Attractions. Southside With You chronicles Barrack Obama first date with Michelle presented by John Legend!!!

Get you first look at Barrack Obama and Michelle in Southside With You on the flip…

Barrack Obama and Michelle in Southside With You is happy to announce the first look trailer of Barrack Obama and Michelle’s first date in John Legend’s debut trailer of Southside With You.

The film is written and directed by Richard Tanne, the Before Sunrise-esque film takes place over the course of one day following Barrack Obama and Michelle’s first day together.

The movie follows the beginning of the Obama’s as they go out on their very first date in Chicago in 1989. The two discuss everything from politics to aspirations to their families, diving into the beginnings of our nation’s first African-American First Couple.

The footage on hand here paints a quickly endearing image of what the couple, played by Tika Sumpter and Parker Sawyers, looked like when they began seeing one another, but it’s not overtly sweet. Since we all clearly know how all of this turns out, Tanne gets to mine Michelle and Barack’s personalities with a bit more nuance than one might give any other sort of indie romantic-comedy; the point of the story is not whether or not they get together but what about each other makes the other one take notice.

Barrack Obama and Michelle in Southside With You

And look, if you want me to keep my eyes on your movie, soundtrack the trailer with Janet Jackson‘s “Miss You Much” is an awfully easy way to grab my undivided attention. It also doesn’t hurt that the film looks to have great interest in grabbing the atmosphere of a warm day in Chicago – the movie was filmed on location. Sumpter and Sawyers  seem perfectly match in the film and by the trailer they have the perfect cinematic chemistry and charm needed for a date style film.

Watch the trailer to Southside With You below:

Southside with You opens in theaters on August 26th.

How does Southside With You look to you? Will you be heading out to see this film?

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