Ben Affleck Wants To Direct a Batman Movie Again

Ben Affleck Wants To Direct a Batman Movie Again

Here we go again, now that people liked Ben Affleck in Warner Bros. Justice League this time. The DC superhero star wants to get back in the drivers seat of the solo film.

Does this mean that Ben Affleck will also comeback and portray The Batman in his own feature film still remains in question. Read on…

Ben Affleck Wants To Direct a Batman Movie Again

Ben Affleck was recently asked about the situation upon returning to direct Batman if the right script came along, has learned.

Well, Both Warner Bros. and Ben Affleck have not come out with a definitive answerif he will or won’t direct The Batman project.

Here is what Ben said:

“For me, it’s interesting, and I always evaluate this stuff on the merit of the material. I want to direct a Batman movie, and I never got a script that I was happy with, so they are starting over and writing another script. And right now, I think a lot of different possibilities I think for the way the DC Universe could go, and I will just follow my interests in pursing that. And I know that I love working with this group of people, and it was a real joy for me to make this movie.”

Right now, Flashpoint, is being set up as the movie that will shake up the entire DCEU and set the cinematic universe on a new path. Now that Justice League was a fail like Batman vs Superman.


Batman is set to follow, but at this point the DCEU is retooling their plan to redeem themselves. As for, Affleck directing The Batman, he’s just confusing the issue on who will be sitting in the directors seat of the project.