Beyonce Disney Deal to Make Millions with New Project

Beyonce In Talks With Disney to Produce New Project

Now that the remake of the 1994 animated classic ‘The Lion King’ has banked $968 million worldwide in just two weeks, becoming the fifth highest-grossing film of 2019 Disney is in open for discussion with Beyonce.

According to reports Beyonce is in talks Disney to produce a new project. Read on…

Beyonce In Talks With Disney to Produce New Project

Beyonce Knowles-Carter attends the European Premiere of DisneyÕs ÒThe Lion KingÓ at the Odeon Leicester Square on 14th July 2019 in London, UK reports that Disney has opened discussions with the 37-year-old R&B sensation to embark on a partnership which would give the star “free reign” to make film’s “under the Disney umbrella.”

Beyonce is already producing projects with her entertainment company Parkwood Entertainment, and Disney bosses are looking to strike up a deal which could earn the singer “millions.”

In addition to the news that Beyonce a deal with Disney could earn the singer “millions.”

A film insider told The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column

Beyoncé’s deal with Disney for ‘The Lion King’ was one of the biggest it has done to date. Now they want to expand it by giving her free reign to create her own movies under the Disney umbrella.

The insider added:

She is producing projects with Parkwood Entertainment but Disney bosses would like her to do the same for them in a partnership that would make her millions. The conversations are ongoing but it’s an exciting proposition.

Beyoncé voiced lioness Nala alongside Donald Glover who took on the role of Simba in ‘The Lion King.’ She also released her own album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’, which features guests including her husband Jay Z, Pharrell Williams and Kendrick Lamar.

So Disney is under the influence Beyonce helped to make the film a success. It was the storyline and the graphic. Not to mention it is a beloved Disney classic that Bey was a part of.

We would also like to point out that Beyonce is once again being accused of stealing visuals from another artist for “Spirit” video. Not to mention a class-action lawsuit against the pop star which was filled at the top of the year.

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