Bigelow, Boyega, Mackie, Smith, + Poulter Talk Detroit

Bigelow, Boyega, Mackie, Smith, + Poulter Talk Detroit

Detroit is one of the most intense, terrifying and emotional films of 2017.

The film touches on a piece of history that was swept under the carpet by police and what they did to innocent black youth during the riots. Read on…

Bigelow, Boyega, Mackie, Smith, + Poulter Talk Detroit

The Detroit riots had many incidents that can be doubled unsuitable criminal acts that were acts of racism in the 60’s.

The incident at the Algiers Motel was the worst criminal act of all. Kathryn Bigelow has done it once again, diving deep into American history, showing the corruption of police and how racist cops terrorize, and kill black youth.

The premiere was last week, and has a few soundbites from the red carpet courtesy of Annapurna Pictures.


Algee Smith play Larry (Squirrel) Demps, the original lead singer of The Dramatics, but after the criminal events that took place at the Algiers Motel Massacre in Detroit, Michigan in 1967 – his life was NEVER the same. Here is what he had to say about the movie. Algee talks about being in his home city for the premiere:

Anthony Mackie speaks on having his film Detroit open at The Fox theater in Detroit. He plays Robert Lee Greene in the film.

John Boyega speaks on the impact of Detroit – because 50 years ago it was about blatant racism – he speaks on the power of the film and how it can help to make change now.

Kathryn Bigelow says she feels honored to tell this story because she felt it need to see the light of day. She says her cast gave 200% to the making of the movie and it’s just incredible:

Will Poulter speaks about the generous people of Detroit to help getting the film made. He talks about the stregnth of Detroit and the people who live there:

Here are some more photos from the Detroit Premiere at the Fox Theater in Detroit Michigan: