Black Friday: Bruce Campbell & Devon Sawa Battle Holiday Shoppers

Black Friday: Bruce Campbell & Devon Sawa Battle Holiday Shoppers

Black Friday: Bruce Campbell & Devon Sawa Battle Holiday Shoppers!

Evil Dead star Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa battle alien-controlled holiday shoppers in new first-look images from the horror film Black Friday.

Black Friday: Bruce Campbell & Devon Sawa Battle Holiday Shoppers reports horror stars Bruce Campbell and Devon Sawa star in Black Friday which marks the first time they’ve been paired up on-screen.

Horror icon Bruce Campbell’s status is due in large part to his work with Sam Raimi in the classic The Evil Dead and its sequels Evil Dead II and Army of Darkness.

Meanwhile, Sawa may not quite be on that same iconic level, but he was at the center of the Final Destination franchise and did give a legitimately memorable horror performance in the movie Idle Hands

Campbell and Sawa’s first pairing Black Friday sees them once again battling some form of possession, though this time it’s not demonic limbs they have to worry about.

What’s the premise of Black Friday?

The movie’s title suggests it’s set during the biggest holiday shopping day of the season, but this year the shoppers are particularly rabid

Black Friday is the latest feature film for director Casey Tebo, whose other credits include 2020’s Barely Legal and 2016’s Happy Birthday. In addition to Campbell and Sawa, the movie’s cast includes Ivana Baquero, Michael Jai White, Andria Blackman, Ryan Lee, Mark Steger, and others.

With its story concerning possessed holiday shoppers going on a rampage in a toy store, Black Friday belongs to that very specific sub-genre of horror movies set in retail spaces, a sub-genre that includes the classic zombie feature Dawn of the Dead as well as the ‘80s cult item Chopping Mall and the Stephen King adaptation The Mist.

As it happens, Campbell himself previously made an appearance in another less-well-known store-set horror movie, 1989’s low-budget slasher Intruder – which also featured appearances by Sam and Ted Raimi. Black Friday could also be said to belong to the holiday sub-genre of horror movies alongside classics like Gremlins and Black Christmas, though in this case the movie is not literally set on any holiday.

Black Friday will have its world premiere later in September at Fantastic Fest.