Blake Lively The Shallows

Blake Lively Under Fire For The Shallows


In a ridiculous act of celebrity bashing Blake Lively has come under fire for her new shark movie The Shallows via a petition from Care2!!!

Get all the details on Blake Lively coming under fire on the flip…

Blake Lively The Shallows can’t believe that people are attacking Blake Lively for making a survival movie about man against shark.

Before any of these people start accusing Lively, who plays a surfer who has been attacked by a great white shark in the horror film The Shallows they should understand how it feels to be attacked by a shark. We can relate we had our own run in with a shark back in the day surfing and lets just say it was the scariest moment in our life. We thought we were going to die. Getting knocked off the board and feeling the sharks body rush by our legs was terrifying. luckily we thought quick jumped on the board and road a wave to shore.

We understand people trying to safe ocean life and we are 100% in the efforts of saving animals and sea life, but go after the poachers and the fishing boats that are killing sharks. We need  all animals, mamals and fish on the earth for eco balance. As for, Blake Lively who made a horror film LEAVE HER ALONE!

Did we have a petition for Jaw 1-4? We think not! Did we have petitions for Deep Blue Sea, Shark Attack, Shark Night or Sharknado? NOPE!

This sounds more like an attack on Blake Lively than the fact its another shark attack movie. Put yourself in that position of a shark attacking you and then let us know if you’d fight to live or let the great white shark eat you?

Check the new trailer for The Shallows:

The online petition, which has so far garnered over 21,000 signatures, says:

“In reality, we pose a greater danger to sharks than they do to us. Blake Lively is responsible for perpetuating the false belief that sharks should be hunted and not helped. According to National Geographic, for every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks!”


This petition is a JOKE and people NEED To shut up and sit down…Its a movie NOT a promo for killing sharks!

And what is worse is that Valerie Faye, who initiated the petition, is asking Lively to at least donate some of her salary from the film to help benefit wildlife conservation efforts. Once again GO AFTER THE FISHERMEN KILLING SHARKS!

Thankfully, Lively responded professionally to the criticism by posting a message on her Instagram.

She writes:

“Sharks are such majestic creatures that need to be protected. I’m grateful for my time with (shark expert) @mikerutzen and (shark attack survivor) @pauldegelder who have taught me so much about the importance and beauty of these sea wonders.”

Blake Lively The Shallows


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