Blake Lively Says The Shallows Was Physically Challenging

Blake Lively Says The Shallows Was Physically Challenging

Blake Lively Says The Shallows was a physically challenging role at the world premiere in New York. Though, Lively describes the film as the perfect summer movie!!!

We agree with Blake Lively who discusses the film is about apex predator against apex predator inside…

Blake Lively Says The Shallows Was Physically Challenging got a fem moments of Blake Lively on the carpet, but she explains that the movie starts off alluring and then quickly turns deadly once the shark attack takes place.

Lively describes the film as a non-stop roller coaster of action as a woman fights for her life after being attacked by a great white shark. We previously told you that Lively was being criticized for glorifying the killing of great whites, but she responded respectfully and professionally with integrity on the matter.

Blake recalls “batting four-foot waves in the water” every day of shooting the shark vs man thriller. She also states that “it was like being an athlete more than an actor,” she said, adding, “It was incredibly physically demanding.” Lively trained to get in shape for the role of Nancy, a nurse. Blake told Extra “it was my job to train. No gluten, no soy, and then no processed foods. I had butter, I had sugar, I had all that stuff. It was just making my own stuff. I guess it was close to paleo… it was nice to eat clean like that.”

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Blake took on the role of Nancy, just months after welcoming daughter James with husband Ryan Reynolds. She says that The Shallows required her to “do my own stunts six of the eight weeks, I had to look like someone who was strong enough to be a surfer.”

She went from pregnancy to filming The Shallows. Wow, how many women can say they did that type of training after giving birth? No many. Hands down to Blake, we admire her perseverance.

Here is what she told us at the world premiere of The Shallows in NYC:

Prior to the release of the movie, Blake also had this to say about making the action thriller the Shallows.

The Shallows hits theaters on June 24, 2016. Are you ready to catch a bite and watch The Shallows?

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