Blumhouse Is Teasing A ‘Halloween’ Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis

Blumhouse Is Teasing A 'Halloween' Sequel With Jamie Lee Curtis

The recent remake of Halloween was a hit with Horror fans, however, we felt it pointless. The only part of the movie that was the best was the babysitter scene and the little boy running away.

That leads us to this movie bite, despite how successful Blumhouse’s Halloween “reboot” was last year. The $10M horror movie, one that erases just too many movies to bring it back to a sequel/prequel film is getting a sequel. Does that make it part 4? Read on about a Halloween Sequel… is hearing that Blumhouse is already teasing horror movie fans that Halloween will more than likely be coming back again.

Basically, Halloween sequel is inevitable since we are hearing that its already being put on the table. The movie finished its run with $255M worldwide, $159M of that domestic.

While nothing is official, producer Jason Blum dropped an image on social media of his meeting with star Jamie Lee Curtis, captioned (above):

We’re discussing stuff.

It’s possible they’re discussing another movie, but more than likely that’s a no. It is more than likely that Curtis returning as Laurie Strode in a Halloween sequel is pretty certain.

We will keep you posted since Blum still has to meet with director David Gordon Green and perhaps co-writer Danny McBride to see if they’re on board. Our guess is yes!

Please Jason Blum, can you make a new slasher movie with a whole new concept and STOP remaking anymore Michael Myers movies.

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