Box Office Belly Flop Goes To Gods of Egypt

Gods of Egypt

Thanks to the $140 million swords-and-sandals epic from Lionsgate that has a Scottish Man playing A Egyption God, the Box Office Belly Flop Goes To Gods of Egypt!!!

Go figure, right? has the latest word on who dominated at the box office this weekend and it’s surely NOT Gods of Egypt. Get on the flip…

If this is a precursor to who will be reigning over the Razzies 2017, Gods of Egypt is looking like a front-runner for a slew of nomination since it’s bombing in the box office with a whopping $14 million.

Gods of Egypt on made 10% of its budget which probably is still not enough to cover Gerard Butler salary. Gods will finish second but well behind “Deadpool,” which stars Ryan Reynolds and will claim its third-straight weekend win.


Fox’s tale of the trash-talking superhero with a boulder on his shoulder is heading for $30 million after bringing in nearly $9 million on Friday. Its domestic haul will hit $285 million and its worldwide gross more than $550 million by Sunday. The weekend’s two other openers, Open Road’s crime thriller “Triple 9” and Fox’s feel-good family film “Eddie the Eagle,” took in $2.1 million and $1.9 million respectively on Friday, which translates to fifth and sixth place and roughly $6 million for each over the weekend.


Despite the Belly Flop Movie of the week, “Gods of Egypt,” which stars Gerard Butler, Geoffrey Rush and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, won’t be a financial disaster for Liongate.

Do you want to know why “Gods of Egypt,” won’t be a financial disaster for Liongate?

Nearly half of the production cost was covered in tax credits by the Australian government and foreign licensing deals lowered the studio’s exposure to between $10 million and $15 million.

Lucky for them, right?

We feel that Gods is suffering at the box office since the early bad buzz over it’s essentially all-white casting, and subsequent apology from the studio and director has turned moviegoers off.

Then the drama around the Oscars being ALL white on Sunday and diversity being such a HUGE issue in Hollywood, Gods might fly straight to On Demand or Blu-ray quite quickly. Not only that, critics have panned the movie so bad, any thoughts of making this a franchise is out the window!