Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born is Truly an Authentic Film

Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born is Truly an Authentic Film

Last week, was invited to an exclusive screening of A Star is Born written, directed and produced by Bradley Cooper.

The movie is extraordinary, Cooper is an exceptional director because the movie was so authentic you believe the story is true.

Read on to get more insight from Bradley Cooper who talked about making the movie with Lars Ulrich from Metallica… has an exclusive from Bradley Cooper the writer, director, producer and actor of A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper, most known for his role in The Hangover movies, American Hustle, Silver Linings Playbook Guardians of the Galaxy and American Sniper.

Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born is Truly an Authentic Film

How Bradley Cooper came to direct A Star Is Born:

It was American Sniper when A Star Is Born fell into Bradley Cooper’s lap. But if you date back he said his first vision of doing the film was six years ago when he was standing behind Lars Ulrich drum set during a Metallica performance. He was watching Annie Lenox performing and watching the veins in her neck. Bradley wanted to capture the essence, rawness, and real storytelling of an artist performing on stage.  He as working with director Clint Eastwood at the time. Clint’s next project was to be A Star Is Born with Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx, and Bradley Cooper. At the time (2014) Bradley, 38, felt he was too young to play Jackson Maine.

Clint Eastwood decided to go another direction and that is how it passed on to Bradley. It was perfect timing. He explains how he pitched the opening, (not the one in the film) to Warner Bros. and they were hooked.

Cooper’s vision of A Star Is Born was about two people “who truly love each other” This telling of A Star Is Born, he wanted the movie to “be told in two stories simultaneously.”

Warner was ready to take a chance on him, they loved his concept so the put up $38 million dollar budget with a 42 days timeline.

Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born is Truly an Authentic Film

What makes this version of A Star Is Born different?

This version of A Star Is Born would be the fourth telling of the movie which dates back to 1937, which starred Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Most people are familiar with the 1976 version of the film that starred Barbara Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, who both blessed Cooper’ remake with Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott.

Bradley admits “his ignorance was a blessing” when it comes to his remake of A Star Is Born. His version of the film “takes on a new angle and give a backstory on Jackson Maine.” In this movie, he reveals that “Jackson doesn’t have a problem with money and the female character is not an ajaneu.”

You might ask how was Bradley able to get such real and authentic performances from every actor?
He says that it was all about “creating an environment that is sacred” because that is the “most exciting way to make a movie.”

While making the film, he also revealed that he was Jackson in front of and behind the camera. Believing that he was Jackson made it all that easier to be him in A Star Is Born.

Bradley Cooper A Star Is Born is Truly an Authentic Film

Bradley Cooper’s voice for Jackson Maine:

When you see the film, you will notice that he has a deeper voice. Well, you can thank Sam Elliott for that since Bradley Cooper designed Jackson’s voice around Elliott. The next step was to get him on board to play his brother in the movie.
Part of his preparation for the film included learning to play guitar, sing and find that right voice, mentality and style. Bradley said that he met with friends, Jack White, Eddie Vedder and Lars of Metallica.

There is a line in the movie where Bobby (Sam Elliott) says “you stole my voice” it was the same way he was hired to play his brother. However, it’s a parallel the real-life telling on how he acquired his voice for Jackson.

Bradley’s mission was to make a film that was completely authentic and when you see it you’ll agree. He noted during the interview that all the concert scenes where real. They filmed at Stage Coach Music Festival, Glastonbury on the Pyramid Stage, a right of passage for all musicians. They were given 4 minutes to do one of the concert scenes and it was magic.

Why Lady Gaga?

Bradley explains that the “meta of the film was always focused on a singer, a voice of our time. Gaga is just natural when it comes to performing.”

He adds:

I made a playground for everyone to shoot their souls. She was able to be dexterous the whole time.

He concludes by explaining the feel of the movie was from an artist perspective.

The movie was an intimate setting shooting from the stage the whole time which made the film so authentic. Scott Yokomoto and his stylized way he shot the scenes at the Greek Theater and Stage Coach.

He ended by saying:

‘A Star Is Born’ was an incredible experience” and “you need to love something.

He admits:

I wouldn’t know how to direct it without being a part of the writing.

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