CASTING 411: Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood + Will Ferrell

CASTING 411: Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood + Will Ferrell

Peoples-Champ-leader has another round of CASTING 411 with movies that will star Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood, Matilda Lutz, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly!!!

Sound interesting? Well find out what movies Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood, Matilda Lutz, Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly will be staring in our CASTING 411 on the flip….

CASTING 411: Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood + Will Ferrell

If you are a Jason Sudeikis and Dead Poets Society fan then you might like this mash up plot twisted style reimaging of Dead Poets Society.

According to NY Times, Jason Sudeikis is going to star in a stage version of Dead Poets Society premiering off-Broadway this November. With that said, it appears that Jason Sudeikis will be trying to take on Robin William’s legendary role as John Keating.

Is this a right fit?

Mmmmmmm, it’s too soon to call.

Now, Classic Stage Company, the Off Broadway theater that will present “Dead Poets Society” in the fall, has an answer. Jason Sudeikis, the comic actor and alumnus of “Saturday Night Live,” will make his New York stage debut as Keating, the theater said on Tuesday.

Mr. Sudeikis was a cast member at “S.N.L.” from 2005 to 2013, where he contributed impersonations of Joe Biden and Mitt Romney as well as original characters like the ESPN Classic co-host Pete Twinkle.

As for the Off Broadway version of “Dead Poets Society”. Nothing can beat SNL-Dead Poets Society crossover will beat “Farewell Mr. Bunting”


Will this be a good fit for Jason Sudeikis…lets put it like this. He was great in The Bounty Hunter. It was not a major role but one heck of a supporting role that had us rolling on the floor. Jason needs to stay in that direction. He’s OK serious, but when he mixes in that right comedy factor, he is brilliant.

We wish him luck off Broadway.

Next up in CASTING 411 is Scott Eastwood And Matilda Lutz to star in Wayne Kramer’s ECSTASIA!

CASTING 411: Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood + Will Ferrell

Wayne Kramer, the master of the action film is back with ECSTASIA

The Hollywood Reporter reports:

Eastwood will join Matilda Lutz in Kramer’s next film, Ecstasia, a sci-fi story two people “who live in a world where love no longer exists during their final days together before their love expires.” While I have no idea what that sentence actually means, I have faith that Kramer does.

It sounds interesting enough to get 1hr 45mins on screen. But hey. It’s a new Wayne Kramer movie. As long as it makes sense to him and he molds the concept into a good film, we will be watching.

Eastwood keeps getting movies, I suppose based on the fact that he looks a lot like Clint Eastwood. He’s certainly not much in the acting department, as we saw in Suicide Squad and will probably see again in Fast 8.

Last but not least Will Ferrell And John C. Reilly set to team up in HOLMES AND WATSON!

CASTING 411: Jason Sudeikis, Scott Eastwood + Will Ferrell

The Comedic duo and dynamite team Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly are teaming up for another wacky + laugh out loud movie called HOLMES AND WATSON, with one minor change.

Adam McKay not included! WHAT? This is blaspheme! Yes we were speaking for all McKay fans who love his movies that star Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly.

Here is what we are hearing from BMD:

The trio seems to be that perfect chemistry, but instead of having their Talladega Nights and Step Brothers director on board. Producer/writer/director, Etan Cohen is in the drivers seat. Cohen is know from Tropic Thunder (2008), Men in Black 3 (2012) , Get Hard. (2015). Which if you weighed it with a studio, Cohen carries more weight.

Sorry Adam McKay. But don’t worry Adam is still working with Will Farrell on Daddy’s Home 2 and The House as producer. He is also working on the new Jennifer Lawrence movie Bad Blood. And the sequel to the long awaited Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters 2 which he also is producing. The sequel will be directed by Bruno Aveillan.

As for HOLMES AND WATSON, Deadline reports that Ferrell and Reilly are teaming up for a new comedy called Holmes and Watson. This may surprise you, but it’s about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, two characters that haven’t been utilized in popular culture for at least five or six decades now. Ferrel will play Holmes; Reilly will play Watson.


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