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World War Z 2 Producers Eyeing David Fincher

World War Z 2 Producers Eyeing David Fincher

Apparently Paramount Pictures has World War Z 2 back on the table and word is producers are eyeing David Fincher to direct.

Get more details on World War Z 2

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Tom Cruise "Training for a Year" for A New "Mind-Blowing''MI6 Stunt

Tom Cruise “Training for a Year” for A New “Mind-Blowing”MI6 Stunt

In case you didn’t hear there is another Mission: Impossible 6 on the way, but did you know that Tom Cruise has been ”training for a year” for his role?

Get more on Tom Cruise and his training for “mind-blowing” Mission: Impossible 6 stunt per producer David Ellison

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TRAILERS: Geostorm, The Outcasts, Warrior's Gate

TRAILERS: Geostorm, The Outcasts, Warrior’s Gate

It’s that time of year, and we have trailers flooding in everyday. This time we have Warner Bros. new disaster movie Geostorm, a teen comedy The Outcasts, and a fantasy thriller called Warrior’s Gate.

Watch the movie trailers for Geostorm, The Outcasts, Warrior’s Gate…

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