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OH NO Comic-Con is about to suck! We just got word that Comic-Con Losing 20th Century, yes the best presentations from 20th Century Fox Hall H will not be there!!!

Find out why and what is going on with 20th Century FOX pulling out of one the largest Comic-Con on the flip…

Comic-Con 20th Century Fox just got word that 20th Century Fox will not be showcasing any of their upcoming movie releases in the Hall H presentations at San Diego Comic-Con this year.

What does this mean for Comic-Con 2016?

Collider writes:

2016 may be a landmark year for San Diego Comic-Con, though not necessarily to the benefit of con-goers. As technology has evolved and camera phones have increased both in quality and quantity, risks of piracy have skyrocketed at events such as San Diego Comic-Con, where film studios often preview exclusive footage that isn’t made available to the general public until months later, or isn’t released (at least in that form) at all. Last year, SDCC was plagued by a couple of major leaks: one was the Suicide Squad sizzle reel and another was the first footage from 20th Century Fox’s Deadpool. Now, rather than go to SD’s Con and risk exclusive footage hitting the web, Fox had decided to forgo the trip altogether.

The Wrap reports:

20th Century Fox has decided not to showcase its upcoming movie releases in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con this year as it feels it can’t prevent the piracy of custom trailers or exclusive footage. That means no panel for Michael Fassbender’s highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed, no first look at Wolverine 3, no footage from Maze Runner: The Death Cure, and no flashy announcement about upcoming X-Men films like Gambit or Deadpool 2.

The studio feels it cannot prevent the piracy of custom trailers and exclusive footage routinely screened for fans in attendance

Fox consistently put on one of the best panels. But this decision is also entirely understandable from the studio’s point of view. Folks tried to claim that the studios were actually happy about the leaks of Deadpool’s trailer or the Suicide Squad sizzle reel, but the reality is these studios invest a lot of time and money into crafting marketing campaigns that introduce these films to general audiences in the best possible way. Now thanks to some fans and their cellphones, the Con is going to suck without 20th Century Fox in attendance.

Thank you cellphone users who ruined Comic-Con 2016!

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