Coming 2 America Heading To Amazon Prime This December

Coming 2 America Heading To Amazon Prime This December

Coming 2 America Heading To Amazon Prime This December!

Eddie Murphy’s long-awaited sequel Coming 2 America is will be streaming this December on Amazon Prime. Read on… reports Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America is still going to make its debut in 2020 but NOT in theaters.

Since the success of Mulan on Disney+, studios are realizing that there is a lot of money to be made with streaming big-screen releases at home.

No one wants to go back to movie theaters with the threat of the COVID virus. Families want to be safe in the comfort of their own homes.

What does this mean for AMC Theaters, Regal, and other movie theaters struggling? Yes, we all love going to the movies, but no one wants to pay between $9.75 to an upward price of $22.75 to see a movie at the box office.

Coming 2 America Amazon Prime Details:

It has been revealed that Eddie Murphy’s Coming 2 America is making the jump from Paramount Pictures to Amazon Studios. The comedy will arrive on streaming this December, as opposed to the previously planned theatrical release. This is both good news for those who are eager to see the sequel and bad news for theaters who were hoping it would give them something that could put meat in seats before the end of the year.

Amazon is about to close a deal for Coming 2 America. The deal is massive, said to be in the $125 million range. Paramount had previously dated the sequel for December 18. It is expected that Amazon Prime will stick to that same release date.

What remains unclear is whether or not it will be included free with Prime Video or if Amazon will charge extra, like Disney did with Mulan on Disney+.

The deal is said to be complex as there were marketing tie-ins for companies like McDonald’s and Crown Royal whiskey in Coming to American 2. Eddie Murphy will be reprising his role as Akeem from the original 1988 comedy classic. Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones will also be reprising their roles from the original, with Tracy Morgan, Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne, and Jay Pharaoh joining the cast.

According to multiple reports, That also means that rumors of a trailer debuting online soon are probably true as the company will surely want to start marketing the expensive flick sooner rather than later.

The original comedy earned an impressive $288 million at the box office in its day. The sequel will reportedly see Akeem ready to take over as King of Zamunda. He comes to find that he has an estranged child in America. Honoring his father’s final wish, Akeem and Semmi head back to America to groom him as the new prince of Zamunda.

2020 Movies Possibly Heading to Streaming:

We wonder if this will be the start of some major movies changing up and heading to streaming. What 2020 films are left?

Well, there is still Free Guy, Death on the Nile, The Croods 2, and Wonder Woman 1984. This is all going to rely on Amazon’s release strategy for Coming 2 America and from there we will probably see some films following Coming 2 America’s lead – via Variety

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