The Crow

The Crow Remake Loses Another Director


Things are back to the drawing board for the The Crow, since The Crow Remake Loses Another Director adding to the number of various roadblocks over the years!!!

Find out what has happened for the umpteenth time with The Crow on the flip…

The Crow

The Crow made his first appearance on the big screen back in 1994. It went down in movie history because its lead character Eric Draven played by Brandon Lee was killed during the filming.

The Hallows director Corin Hardy is OUT and now The Crow reboot has no director or lead actor!

Lee’s death went down in history as accidental, but his death parallels the movie and his father Bruce Lee who died During Enter The Dragon in 1973.

The Crow comic came in the late ’80s as a creation of James O’Barr.  Then, the story of undead vigilante Eric Draven, who is brought back to life by a supernatural crow in order to seek vengeance for the murder of his fiancé, was adapted to film in 1994.  The original move The Crow was directed by Gods of Egypt director Alex Proyas. The movie has become a cult classic, which inspired four sequels that lost their allure on each sequel.

The last sequel to The Crow was released in 2005 and the property has since been in development for a reboot at Relativity Media. Unfortunately the film continues to hit walls with directors and actors dropping out.

Sometimes the studio should take the hint from the universe and leave The Crow alone.

Obviously Relativity Media is determined to get the reboot back on track despite actors Luke Evans (Dracula Untold), Pulls Out of The Crow in 2014Jack Huston (Pride and Prejudice and Zombies) pulling out in 2015, X-Men actor James McAvoy pulling out shortly after announcing his was on board in 2013 and Tom Hiddleston (High-Rise).

Now, The Wrap is reporting Relativity has parted ways with Corin Hardy (The Hallow), who originally signed on to helm the film in 2014 for The Crow reboot. That news came after F. Javier Gutiérrez pulled out in 2014.

However, Relativity had planned to move forward with Hardy on board and filming to start in early 2016. Which leads us to this news, which comes from The Wrap who reports, Dana Brunetti stepping in to take creative control of Relativity, “thought it best to have him reboot the franchise as he sees fit.”

Where is The Crow now?

Hopefully shelved, since The Crow doesn’t have anyone attached to star in the reboot. The subject of a reboot of The Crow is certainly divisive among fans since it has become such a cult hit, and the film is made more special by the fact that it was Lee’s last role. The reboot also proves to be a divisive topic among those who once had a hand in The Crow’s cross-media history, with Proyas recently stating he feels it is “unnecessary.” The director further said, “it would be nice if Hollywood kind of left it alone and let it remain Brandon Lee’s legacy.”

We agree, Leave the Crow alone and let it live on as Brandon Lee’s legacy. Each of the follow ups were cliche, disappointing and unnecessary. Making a remake of The Crow is just a waste of time effort and studio money.

Why doesn’t relativity find another movie to invest their money in. Without Jason Lee starring as Eric Draven, the movie basically SUCKS!

As of now, Relativity is without a star and director for The Crow, so it remains to be seen when exactly the reboot will happen.

Listen to the Universe Relativity, find another undead anti hero comic to focus on!

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