Horror Cult Classic Pumpkinhead Getting Remake

Horror Cult Classic Pumpkinhead Getting Remake


Another horror cult classic movie, Pumpkinhead is getting a remake, because the studios think they can make it better than the original!!!

Get more details on the Pumpkinhead remake on the flip…

Horror Cult Classic Pumpkinhead Getting Remake

CelebNMovies247.com has just got word that the 1988 horror movie Pumpkinhead is being remade. Yes, the movie that has somehow gained a cult following in the 28 years since it debuted has grabbed the attention of the studio to remake it.

Maybe it has to do with the simple fact that Pumpkinhead is one of only two feature films directed by the legendary effects artist Stan Winston. And in case you are NOT in the know, Stan Winston designed creatures and make-up for Aliens, Predator, Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Jurassic Park, and many, many more films before passing away in 2008.

Maybe the studio owes him or something, but somehow the horror movie is getting a second chance to scare audience goers. Hopefully this time Pumpkinhead succeeds because the original was such a boring disappointment to us. We love scary movies and Pumpkinhead did not come through on any level back then. The only thing cool was Pumpkinhead itself. The rest of the time we laughed at the bad acting, poor filming and lackluster horror dud!

The normal human reaction to hearing the news of another movie getting remade is to moan and groan and fling your keyboard across the room before shouting at the sky and demanding to know why Hollywood is out of ideas. And then you begrudgingly leave your home to go buy a new keyboard.

Word is, a potential remake already has a killer monster brought to life by one of Hollywood’s true special effects geniuses and a tremendous skeleton of a story – all it needs now is a little polish.

If this helps the horror classic is getting a remake by Saw director, Peter Block. Crossing fingers this time it’s good!

What do you think about a Pumpkinhead remake? Cool or hell nah?


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