Daddy's Home 2 In The Works

Daddy’s Home 2 In The Works


Hit comedies always make sure bets for the studio so that is why get ready for Paramount Pictures to get underway on Daddy’s Home 2!!!

Find out why Daddy’s Home 2 will be kicking into gear on the flip…

Daddy's Home 2 In The Works is hearing that even though Daddy’s Home was a not-so-surprise hit for Paramount last year, generating $240m at the worldwide box office and…okay, maybe it didn’t win over the critics, it’s getting a follow-up!

Yes it is happening and this should come as no surprise that Daddy’s Home is getting a sequel.

According to a report over on Deadline, the sequel will bring back stars Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg, along with the first film’s writer and director, John Morris and Sean Anders. No word yet on whether or not co-stars Linda Cardellini, Thomas Haden Church, and Hannibal Buress will return, but come on: you know they’re all going to be back.

Also no word on the plot, but my guess is that Ferrell and Wahlberg will be compelled to team-up against a new interloping, would-be parental figure.

Did you guys see Daddy’s Home?

It was funny, but all the best scenes were in the trailer, so when it played out in the theater we were like. “eeeeah, we already saw this 100 hundred times on TV so it’s not funny anymore.”

Our advice for the producers and the studio, show less in the trailer and give audiences a chance to experience the film and get surprised by the things that happen. When There’s Something About Mary came out back in the day, no one knew what to expect, and when the jokes played out in their raunchy manner the movie was a hit, because we didn’t see it in the trailer. There would be more hit comedies if studios would show less in the trailer.

We believe that Will Farrell and Mark Wahlberg will return to battle it out for round two, or it will be them teaming up to battle Wahlberg’s step-dad.

We hope they read this. What are your thoughts on trailers showing too much and all the jokes?


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