Daisy Ridley Shares

Daisy Ridley Shares Star Wars Day Message From Set


Happy May the Fourth, everyone, Rey aka Daisy Ridley Shares Star Wars Day Message From Set on the the fifth annual official Star Wars Day!!!

Find out what Daisy Ridley Shares on Star Wars Day on the flip…

Daisy Ridley Shares

Its the 5th annual Star Wars Day and actress Daisy Ridley is celebrating the event on the set of Episode VIII. And while we won’t get to see the next chapter in the Star Wars saga until December 2017, Ridley took the time to record a special message for fans.

Ridley was joined by BB-8, Admiral Ackbar, and other aliens as she thanked fans for contributing to Force for Change, the Star Wars-themed charitable organization run by Lucasfilm. Ridley’s co-star, John Boyega, was not present for this video, but Ridley joked that the gift from Boyega was “so him.”

Daisy Ridley Shares a Star Wars fans a glimpse of Star Wars Episode VIII on Instagram to illustrate her closeness with her co-star by sharing a behind-the-scenes picture of herself and Boyega holding hands on the set of The Force Awakens

For rules on the Charity, CLICK HERE…

In addition to Star Wars day, we got our hands on some pics taken over the London set of the upcoming movie it’s clear to see the Millennium Falcon in all its glory. It appears that the photos are of from a section of the set where Rey meets Skywalker in The Force Awakens.

What do you think about the cute gift John Boyega gave to Daisy Ridley on the set of Star Wars Episode VIII?

May the Force be with you…Enjoy and Happy Star Wars Day:

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