How Dane Dehaan RUINED of Valerian

How Dane Dehaan RUINED Valerian


Luc Besson hopeful summer film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets had all the doings of a blockbuster, but it came down to bad casting!

Luc Besson, what were you thinking when you cast Dane Dehaan? When you think of Valerian, you think of a guy who is charming, irresistible, funny, witty, yet self-centered, and arrogant. Which actors come to mind to play a character? Read on and find out…

How Dane Dehaan RUINED of Valerian came up with a few leading men that are on the level of Bruce Willis in the Fifth Element, that puts Valerian to shame.

The STX Entertainment sci fi adventure, Valerian cost $177.2 million. The film has been out for 18 days and so far it’s only pulled in Domestic: $38,746,627 and Foreign: $76,428,276 for a total of $115,174,903 worldwide, according to BoxOfficeMojo.

Proof Dane Dehaan is NOT a Box Office Draw:

What was worse is that Valerian only made $17,007,624 opening weekend ranking #5. NOT good, but audience goers make movie decisions on the lead actor. Dehaan is NOT a box office draw. “A Cure For Wellness” only made Domestic: $8,106,986 Foreign: $18,452,571 for a total of $26,559,557. Opening weekend that film pulled in $4,356,941. The budget was $40 million, which proves Dane Dehaan is NOT a box office draw. His acting was great in Wellness, but he played the same character in Valerian. He basically has NO RANGE. Sorry but someone has to say it. Dane is probably around a bunch of yes friends. How can an actor get better if no one tells him the truth.

Better Leading Men for Valerian would have equaled Blockbuster:

Here are the names we came up with; Zac Efron, Chris Pratt, Josh Hutcherson, Chord Overstreet, John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult. All of these guys embody everything that Valerian is supposed to be.

Instead, director Luc Besson shot himself in the foot going with the ‘A Cure For Wellness’ star. Movies like Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets is NOT a film for Dane.

Why Valerian Suffered because of Dane Dehaan:

Dane Dehaan is liking watch paint dry in Valerian. The critics were merciless with Valerian. The problem with Dane is that he is like bad rappers who mumble. His acting style is James Dean mumble. Dean was an amazing actor, but he did movies where his acting style worked. Space adventure films mean the actor NEEDS to push themselves harder, they have to image everything to be larger than life, no matter how weird it feels on set.

Dane played it safe throughout the whole film. He NEVER hit the comedy, or charmed the audience. We don’t know if Luc Besson was only able to afford him, but Dane Dehaan was a recipe for a FLOP from the jump.

How Valerian Crashed And Burned 15 Minutes Into the Movie:

The movie stars out so strong with David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” with a 400-year montage sequence showing humans coming into contact with increasingly amazing alien life. Then we are introduced to a planet where the blue inhabitants (Pearls) are at one with nature. The planet gets destroyed, but before their final moments a Pearl reaches accross the universe to a lackluster Dane Dehaan as Valerian.

There is no urgency from him. He plays the whole thing flat like he wants to role over and go to sleep. That sets the pace of the film and it just goes downhill from there.

Then, there is the relationship between Delevingne and DeHaan, which is supposed to be that of Willis and Jovovich in Fifth Element. Instead, we see two actors lacking in chemistry. The relationship is NONE! As the movie progresses Cara’s acting gets gradually better, while Dehaan stays flat. In every scene you can see Delevingne struggling to get an emotional response out of Dane.

Our Doubts with Dehaan Proved True:

It really pissed us off, because we were looking forward to Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, but once we heard Dane Dehaan was the lead we had reservations and fears he would ruin the movie. Unfortunately we were 100% right. Stunning visuals and effects couldn’t save this movie from the disastrous performance that killed the pace of the movie. Luc what were you thinking?

Besson told us in June that he felt Dehaan and Delevingne were perfect for the role .

He felt “they’re both 25. A large proportion] of today’s cinema audience around the world is aged between eight and 18 years old, so let’s have some actors who speak to them.”

Age doesn’t make great actors, the ability to push oneself beyond and make it your own does.

The sad part, is that “Jupiter Ascending” was so much better, and it was a box office bomb. Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis had great chemistry and the movie was engaging. Despite the redundant last minute saves that made the movie a bit cheesy.

Dane Dehaan NEEDS to stay in his lane and keep far far far away from sci-fi movies because he SUCKS in them!

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