Daniel Kaluuya NOT Here for Samuel L. Jackson BS

Daniel Kaluuya NOT Here for Samuel L. Jackson BS


Samuel L. Jackson just said England is NOT a racist country. Then he contradicts his statement by dissing Get Out star and British actor Daniel Kaluuya!?!

Daniel Kaluuya is the star of Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” film, which Samuel L. Jackson had a lot to say about…

Daniel Kaluuya NOT Here for Samuel L. Jackson BS

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CelebNMovies247.com is NOT surprised that Samuel L. Jackson would come off like a bitter actor, because he’s stating Daniel Kaluuya has no clue what racism is.

If you are a black person from any country and you come to America, you find out what racism is real fast. They may NOT have it out in the UK, but it’s so in your face in America, Samuel L. Jackson sounds foolish!

Here is what Samuel L. Jackson said about Daniel Kaluuya’s perfromance in ‘Get Out’ on Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning:

“I know the young brotha that’s in the movie, he’s British. So, there are a lot of Black British actors who work in this country. So, I tend to wonder, what would that movie have been with an American brotha who really understands that in a way. Because Daniel grew up in a country where they have been interracial dating for 100 years…”

Does he forget Jordan Peele was the writer director? We think Jordan would help him out, because Daniel Kaluuya was on the money.

“What would a brotha from America have made of that role? I’m sure the director helped, some things are universal, but everything ain’t. That’s the thing about ‘Selma’ and some others, there’s some brothas in America who could have been in that movie that would have had a different idea about how that works.”

Then, Jackson weighed in on what is it about British actors versus American actors:

“They’re cheaper than us for one thing. They don’t cost as much (laughs). And they think they’re better trained than we are for some reason, because they’re classically trained. I don’t know what the love affair is with all that.”

Sam sounds pretty ignorant.

Daniel Kaluuya had this to say about Jackson critique to GQ recently:

“Big up Samuel L. Jackson, because here’s a guy who has broken down doors. He has done a lot so that we can do what we can do.

Here’s the thing about that critique, though. I’m dark-skinned, bro. When I’m around black people I’m made to feel “other” because I’m dark-skinned. I’ve had to wrestle with that, with people going “You’re too black.” Then I come to America and they say, “You’re not black enough.” I go to Uganda, I can’t speak the language. In India, I’m black. In the black community, I’m dark-skinned. In America, I’m British. Bro!

[Black people in the UK], the people who are the reason I’m even about to have a career, had to live in a time where they went looking for housing and signs would say, “NO IRISH. NO DOGS. NO BLACKS.” That’s reality. Police would round up all these black people, get them in the back of a van, and wrap them in blankets so their bruises wouldn’t show when they beat them. That’s the history that London has gone through.”

Kaluuya added:

“This is the frustrating thing, bro—in order to prove that I can play this role, I have to open up about the trauma that I’ve experienced as a black person. I have to show off my struggle so that people accept that I’m black. No matter that every single room I go to I’m usually the darkest person there. You know what I’m saying? I kind of resent that mentality. I’m just an individual. You probably feel that as a writer, too. Just because you’re black, you taken and used to represent something. It mirrors what happens in the film.

I resent that I have to prove that I’m black. I don’t know what that is. I’m still processing it.”

Like we said before this doesn’t surprise us. Samuel L. Jackson comes off bitter these days. His roles are all the same, but hey he gets paid big bucks to be and ass on screen so why NOT be one in real life.

Good going Samuel L. Jackson, keep ignorance alive bro!

Maybe Sam can write a rap diss and go after him like Remy Ma did Nicki Minaj. #SoDisappointing #PatheticSam

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