The Dark Tower Sequel NOT Looking Promising

The Dark Tower Sequel NOT Looking Promising


Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey were thought to be the perfect combination for Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Apparently, NOT, now the chances of a theatrical sequel is not looking promising.

We previously spoke about The Dark Tower, because we enjoyed to film, but felt that it came off a bit safe. Read on to see why a Dark Tower sequel may NOT be in the cards…

The Dark Tower Sequel NOT Looking Promising

The Dark Tower hit theaters on August 4, but the long-in-development adaptation of Stephen King’s dark western fantasy series only opened with just $19.5 million.

That wasn’t looking to good for the possible Dark Tower franchise since critics disliked the bland film, a genre mash-up that was said to be difficult to sell.

The Dark Tower was one of the most ambitious projects, with plans for a TV series to accompany a saga of films. That now seems to be a question for Sony Pictures. Should they or shouldn’t they move forward?

Creator Stephen King weighed in on the film stating that he felt a sequel NEEDS to be Rated R instead of another PG-13. if you ask us, that is half the problem with The Dark Tower. The studio wanted to appeal to teens over 13 being able to see the movie without their parents. Unfortunately, it’s that choice that has been killing more and more movies.

Why Rated PG-13 Movies Ruin R Rated Films:

When we were teenagers it was all about Rated R movies. You thirsted to go see a movie that was R, but these days PG-13 films have become part of the norm. Horror movies and Thrillers have become tame and lackluster because of the ratings. Stephen King films should NEVER be rated PG-13 because of his books. If a movie is going to stay true to King’s vision it has to be scary, and sometimes disgusting. The Dark Tower was NONE of that. The problems with Tower was that all of the graphic scenes seemed to be insinuated because of the rating.

Luckily, a relatively low production budget kept this from being a total bust for Sony, though. Right now, Sony is still clinging to that TV series. As for a follow up to the film, Tower’s poor reception can’t possibly spell good news for any sequels that were also in the works.

Currently, The Dark Tower TV Series is slated for 2018 starring Idris Elba as Roland the last gunslinger.

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