Another DC Character Joins Suicide Squad

Another DC Character Joins Suicide Squad


SPOILER ALERT: In a last-minute reveal, we just learned that one of the additional ban of the Justice League/DC character joins Suicide Squad, but wait until you hear which one!!!

Flip and find out which Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice DC Character had been added to Suicide Squad…

Another DC Character Joins Suicide Squad

Yes it is a SPOILER ALERT, but a good one for the DC Extended Universe. Obviously Warner Bros is following Marvels Cinematic Universe with crossover and interconnecting plot lines to strengthen the franchise. has just got word that The Flash will be making an appearance in Suicide Squad, Warner Bros.’ heavily-hyped DC superhero movie that opens in one week, according to several sources.

You might say its a last-minute bout of film, but we have a feeling this will be after the credits role or part of a 2 part credit reveal lead in for the next DC movie.

Ezra Miller, who plays the hero, recently wrapped shooting a scene that will be inserted into the movie, which bows Aug. 5. It is unclear whether the scene was shot in April, when the movie underwent over a week of reshoots, or more recently.

A few things worth noting here: the scene featuring The Flash must’ve been shot a while ago (we think it was probably filmed on the Justice League set, where Ezra Miller would’ve already been on-hand and in costume as The Flash), because his scene was in the film as of several weeks ago.

Furthermore, it’s worth noting that The Flash’s appearance in Suicide Squad is very, very brief, more of a glorified cameo than anything else. In other words: don’t expect Barry Allen to do much interacting with the rest of the Suicide Squad cast.

What are your thoughts on The Flash joining Suicide Squad?

Cool and can’t wait or Boo, why The Flash?


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