DCEU: Cyborg Not Like Teen Titans; Joss Whedon Gets Justice League Writing Credit

DCEU: Cyborg Not Like Teen Titans; Joss Whedon Gets Justice League Writing Credit


Now that Justice League is under 60 days away more talk about the movies characters and the people involved has come to the forefront.

When it comes to Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, it is being said that he will be very different from the Cyborg in the Teen Titans animated TV series. Meanwhile, Director Joss Whedon will receive a Justice League writing credit for his extensive reshoots of the film. Read on…

DCEU: Cyborg Not Like Teen Titans; Joss Whedon Gets Justice League Writing Credit

Justice League ushers in a new era for the DC Extended Universe introducing three more long awaited superhero arrivals, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg.

Though, actor Ray Fisher says that his version of Cyborg in Justice League isn’t going to be the version that many know and love from Teen Titans.

Ray Fisher  Cyborg Details:

Ray Fisher recently appeared at AsiaPOP Comicon in Manila. Nobody spoke to him about his upcoming movie The Astronaut Wives Club, so he talked a bit about Justice League. Fisher revealed that his Cyborg is not what fans know from Teen Titans and that this is a Cyborg for “a new era.”

Fisher said:

“He’s a very real and grounded character and that’s something I found very interesting to bring to the table. I love the cartoon, but this is a different Cyborg, for a new era.”

Cyborg has been a fixture in the world of DC Comics for a long time, but like us, many fans grew up with the Teen Titans animated series that ran from 2003 to 2007. These days the Teen Titans are back on Cartoon Network, but this time the Titans are a bit more comedic.

Why Cyborg will be different from Teen Titans:

Ray admires all the work that Khary Payton (The Walking Dead) has done as the voice of Cyborg on the animated series on Cartoon Network. However, he says that he is going to be doing something different in Justice League.

“I was a huge fan of that Cyborg growing up as a kid because that was when the original cartoon show was on, and Khary Payton is a master at what he does.”

What we are hearing is that Justice League will clearly be a much more gritty and grounded take on the source material from DC Comics. Warner Bros. will not totally ignore Teen Titans version of Cyborg. Ray Fisher said that he will be using the character’s “booyah” catchphrase.

Joss Whedon Extensive Reshoots and Cyborg Changes:

On the flipside, Reshoot director Joss Whedon, who is still finishing reshoots on Justice League and is readying the movie for its November 17 release date. Cyborg was one of the characters who was getting reworked quite a bit in the additional shooting.

Though, Whedon is still following Zack Snyder’s original vision, even though he had to step away from the project following a personal tragedy. If this version of Cyborg is a hit like Wonder Woman. Then this version of Vic Stone, aka Cyborg, we may see his solo movie show back up on the DCEU slate.

Why Joss Whedon is Getting A Writing Credit:

With that said, Warner Bros. has had a change of heart. It was said that Joss Whedon will not get a director credit for his work taking the helm of Justice League during the extensive reshoots. but now, Whedon will be getting a writing credit for reworking the script.

MovieWeb reports:

That report has been confirmed as accurate, with Warner Bros. recently sending out their fall movie preview to press members, which reveals that Joss Whedon will share a screenplay credit with Chris Terrio, with a Story By credit shared by both Chris Terrio and Zack Snyder, who retains sole directorial credit for the movie. Joss Whedon isn’t listed as a producer or executive producer either, but it’s possible that could change as we get closer to the November 17 release.

The Warner Bros. preview didn’t reveal any additional information about this highly-anticipated Justice League movie, but earlier this week, a report made it clear that Justice League is a direct sequel to Batman v. Superman, and that the vision set forth by Zack Snyder is still in place.

The report also claimed that the lengthy reshoots have dragged on for so long because of the actors’ schedules, and that they haven’t been shooting this whole time, with a “lot of downtime.” It was also added that a majority of what fans will see on the big screen come November 17 will be what original director Zack Snyder shot, before he left the production due to a family tragedy.


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