Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie


All the marketing for Deadpool so far has made it abundantly clear that this isn’t your typical PG-13, Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie!!! has the details on the flip and the mouthy red band trailer for old time sake…


Did you hear, Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie?

If you’ve seen the trailers, then you know that Ryan Reynolds is no Green Lantern anymore, instead he’s a mouthy foul mouthed hero we are loving named Deadpool.

You might remember, Deadpool was introduced in the first Wolverine movie, but in that adaption they made him mute, because apparently it would take away the intensity of Wolverine.

Well that is all behind us, because Marvel is reintroducing Deadpool in a more adult way, becuase frankly he doesn’t give a f-ck!

From dick jokes, poop jokes, exploding heads, and oh so many f-bombs, Deadpool ain’t for little kids. Yes he might have cute emojies, but that’s about it. Because his mouth is dirtier than a sailor at sea!

Now we are hearing that 20th Century Fox will try to rein in the Merc with a Mouth, let this news put your mind at ease: Deadpool now officially has an R-rating from the MPAA.

So Mom, Dad, don’t bring your kids to see Deadpool unless they’re at least 17-years-of-age.

And for the record, Deadpool has been rated R for “strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity,” according to Box Office Mojo.

Which sounds about right, if you’ve seen the red-band trailers. There’s plenty of brutal violence, resulting in actual bloodshed. (As opposed to the oddly bloodless violence of most PG-13 action movies.) Deadpool says “fuck” more times in the two-minute red-band trailer than most superheroes get to over the course of their entire franchise. The promos have also featured a scene set in a strip club, and a rather athletic-looking love scene with Wade and Vanessa.


What do you think about the new Marvel Movie superhero named Deadpool he’s naughty so Deadpool Officially A Rated R Marvel Movie?

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