Deep Blue Sea 2 Heading to Syfy

Deep Blue Sea 2 Heading to Syfy


If you were wondering what, where and when will a sequel to Deep Blue Sea be made, we have the answer for you.

Renny Harlin‘s 1999 shark attack Deep Blue Sea semi-classic is happening but it will NOT be heading to theaters nor straight to DVD and onDemand. Instead, Deep Blue Sea 2 is heading to Syfy. Read on…

Deep Blue Sea 2 Heading to Syfy has learned that Deep Blue Sea 2 is coming to the SyFy channel, according to MovieHole.

This time around Deep Blue Sea 2, which was shooting over the summer in Cape Town is being directed by Darin Scott (House Party: Tonight’s the Night).

We asked before, What is happening with DBS2?

We have an answer:

This time around, Deep Blue Sea 2 is about a character named Dr. Klaus Van Etten who experiments on Bulldog sharks, despite protests from Misty and her gang of marine experts. And, yes, the Sharks get set free and wreak havoc. And really, that’s all the basic set-up.

And before you think LL Cool J will be in this movie, think again. There will be NO cameos from the cast members that survived the first movie.

Why Syfy?

Since Syfy has done very well with their Sharknado movies and the Lake Placid sequel a few years back, the network is sinking their teeth into this one.

So far, Bloody Disgusting has a pic from the set, confirming shooting is underway. Years ago, Jack Perez (Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus) was going to direct the sequel. He said his sequel would’ve been influenced by Predator and Sgt. Rock:

The script is about this scientific research ship that is seized by Somali pirates, and a team of Navy SEALs have to go in and take them out. The whole ship is basically a gigantic floating laboratory, with a maze of tunnels that the sharks can travel through that open up into tanks. My thinking was that this was Sgt. Rock vs. sharks, so I developed this platoon kind of based on my favorite Sgt. Rock characters. To a certain degree, it was similar to what they did in Predator; there were definitely echoes of that sort of motley group.

Eight years after Warner Bros. canned the $5 million production after the DVD market took a nosedive. And Warner Premiere washed their hands of the project, the SyFy channel sequel is taking over. Is this what any of us wanted? No, but hey, it Syfy can do a good job, we’ll swim in open waters for this.

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