Disney Delays 3 Upcoming Star Wars Movies

Disney Delays 3 Upcoming Star Wars Movies

Disney Delays 3 Upcoming Star Wars Movies!

Now that the Skywalker franchise has completed with The Rise of Skywalker – Disney has plans for more Star Wars films, but it appears they’re on hold.

Though, The Rise of Skywalker generated a huge backlash from certain sections of the fanbase splitting them down the middle. Most fans feel it would be best that Star Wars takes a break for a while, while others disagree. Read on since Disney’s plans for the next three movies have been delayed. Get more details since Disney Delays Star Wars Movies…

CelebNMovies247.com reports that there are rumors of Lucasfilm itself being on the brink of civil war over the creative direction of the franchise, the continued calls for studio President Kathleen Kennedy’s head.

There is a general sense of uncertainty surrounding the big-screen Star Wars films.

According to reports, it appears giving Star Wars a rest would be in the best interests of everyone involved.

ComicBook.com reports:

Well, it looks like Disney seem to agree, because the three mystery Star Wars movies that were set to be released in December of 2022, 2024 and 2026 have all been pushed back by twelve months, presumably because nobody knows what they’re going to be yet.

It has also been reported that Game of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss recently abandoned their plans to craft an all-new trilogy.

the one being spearheaded by Taika Waititi, while another could be the hotly-anticipated project being developed by all-conquering Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige. Those are the only two Star Wars movies that have officially been confirmed to be in the works so far, although the delays might indicate that Disney has some big announcements planned for the near future.

Disney has been many of the films on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It seems we won’t be going back to theaters until sometime mid or late 2021.

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