Doctor Doom Getting Unexpected Intro By Marvel Studios

Doctor Doom Getting Unexpected Intro By Marvel Studios

Doctor Doom may be one of Marvel’s greatest villains but his run in movies hasn’t done him justice!

The Fantastic Four movies of the mid-2000s were way better than that fiasco remake, but Doctor Doom character wasn’t fully at its best. Read on for more on Marvel Studios to Introduce Doctor Doom… reports that with Marvel Studios now in control of the character there’s a chance for Doom to finally get his due, and a new rumor says he may be introduced in an unexpected way.

MCU Cosmic reports:

Word is, Doctor Doom may not be a villain when/if the Fantastic Four are given a movie within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be a good guy, either, just not an outright adversarial threat to the team.

Hopes are high, then, that Marvel Studios will get him right now they have the character back from Fox. But how will Marvel actually handle Doctor Doom correctly?

MCU Cosmic has suggested one way he could be introduced into the franchise. According to their sources, Marvel is considering various methods of bringing him into the MCU. One option is that Victor Von Doom could get his own Disney Plus TV series that would set up the character without featuring the Fantastic Four, who we know are getting their own movie reboot at some point in the future.

Last we’d heard, Fargo and Legion creator Noah Hawley was developing a movie based on the supervillain, but that was before Disney’s acquisition of Fox. Hawley’s been mixed on whether it can fit into Marvel’s agenda, but if it were shifted to a Disney+ series would that work better for them?

Whichever method Kevin Feige and his team go with, you can bet that they fully intend to use Doom in a way befitting his status in the Marvel pantheon.


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