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Donald Glover Joining Cast of Spider-Man Homecoming


Sony loves to continue to do reboot after reboot of their Spider-Man franchise, and now Donald Glover is being added to the cast of the July 7, 2017 summer movie!!!

Flip and get more details on Donald Glover joining the new Spider-Man franchise…

Donald Glover

Now after their efforts to rebirth their Spider-Man franchise with a cool grassroots campaign to get then-Community star Donald Glover hired as Spider-Man things got interesting.

Sadly, that did not pan out, and we got the Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies instead. That was then, this is now, and now it has been revealed that Donald Glover, Danny Glover’s son, will be joining the cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming according to The Hollywood Reporter.

We already know that Donald is not playing Spider-Man, but it would be interesting if he plays one of the main friends or possibly a nemesis.

We’re betting that Glover’s role will be one of Parker’s hip young high school teachers, or maybe he could play Aunt May’s hip, young boyfriend. She deserves it! What’s a little swirl in the new Spidey flick?

Anyone out there oppose Donald Glover joining Spider-Man: Homecoming? We all know Fantastic Four with Michael B Jordan as the Human Torch PISSED OFF Marvel fans, and we don’t need another disaster made of another great Marvel franchise.

Hopefully they consult Stan Lee to see where Glover will fit best for the film and fans of Spider-Man since this is the third reboot of the franchise. We hope that this is the last reboot of Spider-Man, because it’s becoming to be too much for fans of Spidey.

Hopefully this time Sony, just expands on Spider-Man since the Jon Watts Homecoming film cast 20 year old Tom Holland.

What are your thoughts on the reboot of Spider-Man and Donal Glover joining the cast along with Zendaya, who is playing Michelle.


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