Dynasty Reboot Gets Younger Cast For The CW

Dynasty Reboot

Like we first told you back in January, before anyone else Dynasty is coming back to the small tube. The CW had to dig up the 80s hit TV series Dynasty and reboot it!

Here is the newest update about the upcoming Dynasty Reboot coming to the CW…

Dynasty Reboot Gets Younger Cast For The CW

You didn’t believe CelebNMovies247.com when we first told you before any of the other sites that a Dynasty Reboot was happening.

Note: there is no confirmation on who is playing who, but we’re guessing this is who they might be?

Hollywood seems to have dried up on new fresh ideas so instead they’re going back to a time when TV was great. The 80s, to head back to the quintessential Texan family the Carringtons.

Of course, the CW’s Dynasty will be filled with a bunch of younger, hotter and sexier cast members, so don’t expect anyone in their mid 40s of 50s on this show. Now that the Vampire Diaries are over, The CW is looking for a series that can pack a punch and keep their younger target demographic locked in.


Dynasty Reboot Casting Details:

The Dynasty reboot has already cast Blake Carrington (Grant Show of Spelling’s Melrose Place) and Falon Carrington Colby (Elizabeth Gillies, who starred in Denis Leary’s FX comedy Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll). It will also star Alexis Carrington Colby (Nathalie Kelley The Vampire Diaries) and Steven Carrington (James Mackay of The Leftovers). Empire’s Rafael de la Fuente will play Sam, which was originally Heather Locklear’s character Sammy Jo Dean Carrington.

Like we said hot, sexy and young. The remake is being produced by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who spawned teens hits The O.C. (for Fox) and Gossip Girl, along with Richard and Esther Shapiro, co-creators of the original series.

Who will take on Michael Nader’s role as Dex Dexter, Adam Carrington, Jeff Colby or Dominique Deveraux.

The CW is full force with this series banking that the reboot is going to be the hit of the 2017-2018 Season. We guess if this is a hit, we can expect Knott’s Landing to make a return as well?

For more details, go to our original article from back in January when we broke the new first!