Early Razzie Awards 2018 Predictions: Rings, Fifty Shades Darker +The Great Wall

Early Razzie Awards 2018 Predictions

It’s early in the year, but there are already a few movies that are possibles for the 38th Annual Razzie Awards 2018. Two of the movies are sequels and the other is dealing with mythology.

Do you think you know which movies we are talking about? Read on and find out which early contenders are possible big winners for the Razzie Awards 2018…

Early Razzie Awards 2018 Predictions

CelebNMusic247.com would like to go on record saying we told you first, but we can already see that Rings, Fifty Shades Darker and The Great Wall are possibles for next years Razzie’s.

Who will make next years Golden Raspberry Awards? It might be too soon to predict, but preciting is always fun, because there are already three movies on the Razzie radar. There are two other films that has tipped the radar; The Bye Bye Man, XXX: Return of Xander Cage, and Monster Trucks.

Here are our Razzie Awards 2018 nominations predictions:

Fifty Shades Darker:

If it was only these three films nominated for next year, Rings would sweep up at the 2018 Razzies. But you must spread the worst movie love a little. We only see Fifty Shades Darker possibly mentioned this time, or it might land Worst Screenplay.  The movie is about sex but it came off a bit lack luster. We know that they upped the nudity this time with a 2 second butt shot of Jamie Dornan, but ladies we know we all want to see the banana. Give us an American Gigolo shot of Jamie Dornan, that’s all we ask. And make the sex scene spicier, they are still a bit too vanilla in a S&M based movie.


As for Rings, we see this sequel as the big winner next year. It should most likely pick up Worst Prequel/Sequel/Remake or Rip-off, Worst Director (F. Javier Gutiérrez), Worst Screen Combo (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz and Alex Roe), Worst Actress (Matilda Anna Ingrid Lutz), and Worst Picture. Rings was an all-around waste of a movie. It was lacking in everything, the best way to describe the movie is, painful. Who thought making a third installment of The Ring was smart, should think again. Sorry Paramount, no disrespect, but, some franchises have no afterlife. This is that franchise. Without Naomi Watts, The Ring franchise is dead in the water. You guys should have done the Friday the 13th remake and gone back to Jason’s mom as the killer or twist that a little. That would have been the horror film to go with.

The Great Wall:

Why is this film a Razzie Awards 2018? Well, The Great Wall, lacks the EPIC part. Plus, the Worst Actor may go to (Matt Damon), the movie was so cheesy. It was like a step down for Damon. Here he hands the lead role to Casey Affleck for  Manchester By The Sea and takes on The Great Wall for himself. Maybe he just wanted to do a movie that was all about effects. But, does a white man become the one human who can help the Chinese overcome the Serpens of greed? The movies has cool monsters, but lacks so much it was ridiculous. We paid a Tuesday night special price and still felt ripped off. It wasn’t that bad, but it wasn’t that great. There was nothing to it, and that is what was so sad, because its being sold as an EPIC. Instead it’s NOT giving much on the folklore which could have made the film so much more interesting. It’s hoping to do well, basing everything on the effects.

XXX: Return of Xander Cage:

Another Razzie Awards 2018 candidate is XXX: Return of Xander Cage – We looked forward to this sequel but instead we got a wanna be Fast and Furious style cast. We know that Vin Diesel is a box office draw. His XXX franchise had serious potential. What we loved about XXX was that it was a modern-day spy movie. Instead, the sequel was a filled with a pretty cast that lacked everything. We were so disappointed with XXX. This film has the chance to pick up Worst Prequel/Sequel/Remake or Rip-off. – The worst thing is that the trailer is so much better than the actual movie.

There are two other movies so bad we refused to watch them. Monster Trucks looks like a film that would have been great if we were a six year old boy who likes trucks and hot wheels.

The Bye Bye Man looked like a cheesy horror movie that showed you all the best parts of the movie in the previews. Kind of like Rings. This movie could end up taking a lot of the awards for making movie goers waste their money. We just feel bad that the legendary Faye Dunaway and her talent was wasted on this movie.

That is it for now, we will keep you posted this summer with an update. We need some more bad films to be released.