Eli Roth + Bruce Willis Reimagine 1974 Revenge Thriller Death Wish

Eli Roth + Bruce Willis Reimagine 1974 Revenge Thriller Death Wish

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures presents director Eli Roth and leading man Bruce Willis reimagine the Charles Bronson classic Death Wish!

This time around, Bruce Willis is killing people for revenge in Death Wish. No he’s NOT playing John McClane, Willis is Dr. Paul Kersey taking the law into his own hands. Read on…

Eli Roth + Bruce Willis Reimagine 1974 Revenge Thriller Death Wish

If you were born in 1980 and beyond chances are you think Clueless is an old movie, so director Eli Roth has reimagined the classic revenge thriller for a new generation.

Death Wish was an awesome shoot’em up thriller that starred the legendary Charles Bronson, who died in 2003.  The movie spawned a four film franchise that kicked off in 1974 and ran until 1987. The Eli Roth version is just an update on the classic film, and the character names are the same.


However, with Eli Roth in the director’s seat, we can only imagine that the killing are going to be gruesome and quite bloody. We are already excited about this movie, especially with Willis as the vigilante. We find it interesting that Willis is taking on the role of a vigilante, but it makes sense since the original films were box office gold. Not only that, audience goers loved to see a vigilante cleaning up the streets and killing the bad guy. Reason.com weighed in with this point of view.

Story Plotline:

Dr. Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis) is a surgeon who only sees the aftermath of Chicago violence when it is rushed into his ER – until his wife (Elisabeth Shue) and college-age daughter (Camila Morrone) are viciously attacked in their suburban home. With the police overloaded with crimes, Paul, burning for revenge, hunts his family’s assailants to deliver justice. As the anonymous slayings of criminals grabs the media’s attention, the city wonders if this deadly vigilante is a guardian angel or a grim reaper. Fury and fate collide in the intense, action-thriller DEATH WISH.

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The vigilante starts shooting up the screen on November 22, 2017.