Eli Roth Out Jon Turteltaub In For Giant Shark Movie Meg

Meg Shark Movie

Last year, the Hostel director was all in with Warner Bros. debut monster shark movie, MEG until things went left so Eli Roth Out Jon Turteltaub In For Giant Shark Movie Meg!!!

It appears that there will be a change-up with the Shark monster movie called Meg from Warner Bros. Get the deets on the flip…

Meg Shark Movie

Since things didn’t work out with filmmaker Eli Roth over budget concerns, so the director of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Cool Runnings, Jon Turteltaub, is Roth’s potential replacement!

CelebNMovies247.com has learned this about the giant shark movie MEG and how it is getting scaled back!

It appears a similar situation befell Roth, as THR reports that Warner Bros. became wary of the film’s $100 million price tag after the studio’s disappointing box office performance in 2015. Indeed, Warner Bros. is apparently reconsidering much of its slate, but it’s trying to keep Meg together by entering early talks with National Treasure helmer Jon Turteltaub to take over as director as they search for a way to scale back the budget, which will include a rewrite of Dean Georgaris’ (Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life) script.

Here is why Eli Roth bowed out of the project, since the budget is a concern and Warner Bros. last few films perform way below their marks. The Green Inferno was on board for Meg being all CGI after Warner Bros. showed him some footage from In the Heart of the Sea. The only problem is Ron Howard film was a dud in the box office. Everyone knows the story, so who wanted to pay money for a CGI version of Moby Dick?

But that was not the only WB movie that fell way below the mark, the overdone film Pan and a TV series turned motion picture, The Man from U.N.C.L.E. also lack audience appeal. All of these were factors why Eli Roth left the project and Turteltaub is stepping in. He is great at films like National Treasure, 2010’s The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and even the pilot for the Rush Hour TV series, so maybe this is a perfect fit.


They say things happen for a reason, and maybe Eli can go and film a third installment for Hostel. We heard there were talks of another sequel for the horror film. Especially since The Green inferno was set for those who just love gruesome and gory films. .

If you remember, Meg sounded like a mega seat filler with this original plotline, but now with the budget being bitten off, this synopsis might not be happening the way it was originally imagined:

THE scene opens with a herd of duckbill dinosaurs gorging on kelp. A Tyrannosaurus rex, towering 22 feet, suddenly appears, unleashing a blood curdling roar as its prey scatter, but one duckbill dinosaur remains trapped in the water.

The T-Rex crashes through the surf and ruthlessly rips him from the sea. It suddenly stops — sensing a powerful presence in the water. Its red reptilian eyes, glowing like lasers, scan the ocean. A massive creature hidden in its own towering wave explodes out of the water. The T-Rex is rocketed off its feet with an anguished roar, flipped onto its back with its feet in the air and spun like a cylinder as it is dragged beneath the water. A slick pool of blood floats on the surface.

Meg Shark Movie

That’s how Shane Salerno‘s (The Cartel, Avatar sequels) draft of Meg began, and we would be incredibly lucky as moviegoers if this opening remained intact. Sadly, it probably won’t. Salerno’s drafts deviated quite heavily from the source material, but were well received by the studio.

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