Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movie


Over the years, we seemed to have missed the view of Christmas from Santa’s other half, so Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movie.

Yes, Banks will be bringing Christmas from a woman’s prospective.

CelebNMovies247.com has learned that Elizabeth Banks appears to have found an oversight and is ready to fulfill the gaps and bring us a new take from Mrs. Claus.


Did you hear, Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movies?

CelebNMovies247.com has heard that Universal Pictures has chosen to work with Elizabeth Banks to bring her vision to life. The film is about Mrs Claus.

Elizabeth wished her followers a Merry Christmas on social media with a photo from Fred Claus, saying:

“Here’s a pic from that one time that I wore a fuzzy red and white coat in a movie where John Michael Higgins was an elf and Paul Giamatti was Santa Claus. Whatever you celebrate today, tomorrow, or the days before/after, I hope it’s a happy one!”

Obviously it triggered her creative juices!

Banks will be producing the film, but there is no word if she will also star in the film. Once again, Banks Pitch Perfect partner Max Handelman will be teaming up with the talented producer and actress.

Having many movies to her acting credit, we look forward to how she brings Mrs. Claus to life with her own struggles being married to none other than Santa Claus and his huge dedication and responsibilities to Christmas.

Mrs. Claus will show us what hassles and anxieties Santa’s wife goes through. With Banks in the directors seat and helming the project, the potential is endless and sounds to be extremely funny.

Mrs. Claus as over the years, she has just been a small entity in the many Christmas holiday stories of Santa. There are many ways she can take the story with a woman’s perspective. Having some diversity sounds refreshing and it will hopefully be a movie filled with laughter. Elizabeth Banks making Mrs. Claus movies is a unique and clever idea. She is sure to have many ideas after already appearing in Fred Claus in 2007, which bombed at the box office.

Banks has her own comedic talents that can be a diving board to a big success for the side of Mrs. Claus. No title has been chosen yet for this visionaries film, but we will be watching and waiting.

Whats up next for Elizabeth Banks?

Banks will be staring in Rita Hayworth with a Hand Grenade and then back in the directors seat for Pitch Perfect 3 which will release on August 3, 2017, since part 2 was a global sensation.

What do you think about Elizabeth Banks Making Mrs. Claus Movie?

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