The Expendables 4 Is Happening

The Expendables 4 Is Happening


Just when you thought there would be no more of Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables movies, we just got word Expendables 4 Is Happening!!!

Flip and get more on Sylvester Stallone’s testosterone driven action movie franchise Expendables 4…

The Expendables 4 Is Happening has just got word that Sylvester Stallone is back at it again with another Expendables movies.

Expendables 4, to be exact. The Expendables franchised kicked off in 2010, and since then it has provided men with that perfect off-the-rails insanity. It’s what action films are made of all in squashed into two hours of fun.

Not to mention it has all of your favorite action studs from the 1980s and 90s, like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jason Statham. We are not sure if Jet Li, Randy Coture, Dolph Lundgren and Terry Crews will be reprising their roles just yet.

What we do know is that Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham and Arnold Schwarzenegger will reprise their respective roles. This is the first mention of the fourth installment of the franchise, so the other hunks have yet to be confirmed. It’s fitting to know that Stallone’s Barney Ross and Statham’s Lee Christmas will be back for another round of mayhem. It’s also cool to hear that Schwarzenegger’s Trench Mauser is being bumped up to more prominent role.

The Expendables 4 Is Happening

Over the course of the franchise it has cast many known action stars like Antonio Banderas, Wesley Snipes, Bruce Willis, Kelsey Grammer (who’s not an action star), Mickey Rourke, Chuck Norris and Harrison Ford. We will find it interesting on which star comes back.

Despite earning mixed-to-negative reviews from critics, The Expendables movies have all been commercially successful. The last The Expendables 3 movie took in nearly $215 million worldwide, so its safe to say its a money maker.

Wouldn’t it be cool to see The Rock join the Expendables 4? It’s cool when they blend old with new action heros.


The Expendables 4 is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2018.

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