Famous Celebs with Gambling Addiction

Famous Celebs with Gambling Addiction

Truth be told, famous celebs love spending money. Of course, some are more extravagant than others.

Read about which famous celebs love spending money and have a gambling addiction…

Most famous celebs are known to buy anything and everything ranging from luxurious cars, real estates, expensive jewels and going on vacations.

However, many famous celebs have suffered from bad habits which they always hide from the public. Gambling addiction and related problems are not just for familiar people as most people tend to perceive. In this article, you will learn more about celebrities whose lives, and even careers have been affected by gambling addiction.

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionCharlie Sheen:

Charlie popularly known as ‘Uncle Charlie’ has been associated with several malice, and problem gambling happens to be one of them. His gambling habits have been rumored on different sites and newsrooms for a while now. Sheen’s gambling addiction life came to the public back in 2006 when his then-wife Denise Richards revealed that he spends approximately $200,000 weekly on gambling. He is a big fan of Poker, and he also bets of sports regularly. According to Denise, Sheen’s gambling habits had escalated to the point where he even placed a bet over the phone while rushing for the birth of their baby girl. The good news is that Sheen confirmed in an interview some years ago that he had deceased from the bad habit of gambling and he confessed that he had been overspending on betting.

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionTiger Woods:

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous and talented golfer players of our time. But did you know that he has problems with gambling habits? His gambling addiction came to light when he started hanging out with Charles Barkley and Michael Jordan, both of whom are big-time gamblers. Woods is, in fact, a regular high roller customer at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. At one time, he was given a 1 million dollar betting limit where he regularly played blackjack at $25,000 per hand.

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionMichael Phelps:

Michael Phelps is a world-famous Olympic swimmer who has been on the new lines of celebrities affected with gambling. His close allies revealed that that the talented Olympic diver is wholly preoccupied with playing poker. Phelps has won more than 22 medals from his swimming career, but his addiction to gambling is posing a significant risk to his bank account. What worries his friends most is the fact that he a highly competitive swimmer and if he does not seek the help he may as well endanger his career.

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionBen Affleck:

The popular Academy Awards Winner, Ben Affleck, is another popular name when it comes to celebs with gambling problems. Affleck is without a doubt one of the most gifted Hollywood actors and scriptwriters. But he is also a regular card game player, regardless, blackjack or poker. He is reported to gamble recklessly especially when under the influence of alcohol. His gambling problem got severe to the point where he checked himself into a rehabilitation center in 2001 mainly to deal with his gambling and alcohol addiction problems. He gambling record is excellent since he happens to be a student of two expert gamblers Annie Duke and Amir Vahedi. He once managed to win a whopping $500,000 while participating in a live tournament!

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionGlady’s Knight:

The ‘Empress of Soul,’ Glady’s Knight is a great singer who took a step to write a touching song about her addiction to playing baccarat and betting on sports. Even though Glady’s managed to avoid becoming a drug and alcohol addict, she could not resist the temptations of gambling. She admitted that she could lose tens of thousands of dollars in a single table sitting. However, she checked in Gamblers Anonymous, and her gambling addiction was out to an end.

Famous Celebs with Gambling AddictionTobey Maguire:

The main star in Spiderman movie, Roby Maguire, was sued in 2011 for participating in a multi-million dollar illegal gambling business. It was reported that he had won $300,000 worth of illegal money. The funds had been stolen from an investor by the name Bradley Ruderman. Those close to Maquire praise him for being a wizard in Texas Hold em poker game where he had won $300,000 in a secret poker game in New York City. What’s astonishing is that the 36-year old actor has been gambling publicly all along. He once competed in the World Series of Poker after being mentored by a professional poker player, Daniel Negreanu.

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