First Look at Rob Zombie 31; Its Mind Splitting

Rob Zombie 31

If you love Pure gore then Rob Zombie Bloody Mind Splitting Trailer For 31 has just been released and if you can’t handle horror films like this look away!

Flip and see the first look at Rob Zombie 31 inside…

Rob Zombie 31 has your first look at a new horror film by Rob Zombie, who just released his new vision is horror, 31!

Besides The Halloween remakes Rob Zombie loves two things as a director; gore and carnival tropes. There’s plenty of both in his latest horror romp, 31.

The Plotline:

Five carnival workers are kidnapped and held hostage in an abandoned, Hell-like compound where they are forced to participate in a violent game, the goal of which is to survive twelve hours against a gang of sadistic clowns.

Once again, Rob has cast his ever present wife, Sheri Moon Zombie who gets picked up a gang of psychos the night before Halloween. When they wake up, they find themselves trapped in a twisted game of life and death conducted by Malcolm McDowell’s Father Murder.

The key is one thing; to survive over the next 12 hellish hours. Sounds like Clown and The Purge blended together?

Of course, the terrified victims are dropped into different “death chambers” housed in a massive mansion. In each one, they must face off against bloodthirsty freaks like Sex-Head (Elizabeth Daily), Death-Head (Torsten Voges), Psycho-Head (Lew Temple), and the manic Doom-Head (Richard Brake).

The film is set for limited theatrical release on September. If you love Rob Zombie, then you’ll love this, but don’t expect any award winning performances. It’s mostly gore, bad acting and Zombie paying homage to those 1970 horror films that were D movies. But hey its a scary film, right.

Rob Zombie is on tour with Korn, which we highly recommend. Rob Zombie puts on a great show and its filled with horror classics and great rock goth aggressive music.

Rob Zombie 31 trailer below, watch:

Will you be heading out to see Rob Zombie 31 horror movie?