Gal Gadot Underpaid as Wonder Woman Exaggerated

Gal Gadot Underpaid as Wonder Woman Exaggerated


Now, that Wonder Woman is the best superhero movie in the DC Extended Universe many sources are cliaming that Gal Gadot was underpaid to play Princess Diana.

Ok, so what we are hearing is that Gal Gadot only made $300k for her first Wonder Woman movie. Now, several sources are blasting the Internet reports that the Wonder Woman star was paid base salary. Read on…

Gal Gadot Underpaid as Wonder Woman Exaggerated has also heard that compared to Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel movie, he was paid $14 million. There are no confirmations on that amount, especially since it was his first one. The theory is Cavill may have back-end movie or its a multiple movie deal.

As for, Gal Gadot got $600,000 before her movie began production to play Wonder Woman after Warner Bros agreed to double her paycheck. Now if you add in bonus checks for opening weekend and more, Gal is cashing in major green. Then, there is more checks when Wonder Woman becomes a global blockbuster. They’re saying her payday is already in the multiple seven figures.

Warner Bros. is staying tight-lipped about Gadot’s salary, but what one source did reveal is that Cavill got a comparable amount, certainly under $1M, to play the Man of Steel in 2013. The $14 million reports are not right unless Henry had points, back-end money and some major perks.

Where did they get Gal Gadot’s salary amount?

What we are hearing is that Gadot’s Wonder Woman quote based on her salaries from her recurring role in the Fast and the Furious movies.

Take for example, if Wonder Woman continues to be a power house like Iron Man was, Gadot could be raking in the cash like Robert Downey Jr. in a few years. Did you know that Downey made $5 million a day for three days of work on Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Big named stars equals big paychecks, but the more money the star makes the better the movie NEEDS to do. Take for instance Will Smith, he got $13M for Deadshot in Suicide Squad against a cash-break back-end. Basically, if you get paid $13 million, you better hope your movie make double or triple so you can be considered a success. If you movie doesn’t make that much, then its a flop. Kind of like Tom Cruise in The Mummy.

Vanity Fair breaks down Hollywood contracts:

Basically, if you are still an actor on the rise then your more than perfect for a superhero franchise. Take for instance Marvel, the process is usually simple, get fresh talent on the rise, pay them a base $300K for the first solo film, and if it takes off that the money will increase. With Iron Man, (Robert Downey Jr.), Captain America (Chris Evans) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth), all three men reportedly received less than $500,000 for their first solo superhero outings. It is no surprise that Gal Gadot got $300k, but it was said that Warner Bros. double that to $600k for her first solo film…

…Now, that it’s one of the DCEU’s biggest success, bigger paychecks will come. She just needs some advice from Downey Jr., who famously made $50 million for The Avengers, then, helped his co-stars negotiate higher salaries themselves. Gadot was like Hemsworth, Evans, and Cavill, when their franchises started as an unknown. Yes she was in the Fast and Furious franchise, but superhero stars are Mega known, so when starting out a lowball salary contract with a promise of future returns is the usual deal. Bottom line, movie contracts are notoriously complicated things—salaries are often sweetened by box-office bonuses, bumps in pay for sequels, or even “points” on the total gross for megastars.

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