Gears of War Movie In Development

Gears of War Movie In Development


Universal Pictures green lights Gears of War Movie for the big screen. Microsoft’s successful Gears of War third-person shooter video game is set for a possible franchise!!!

Get all the details on the upcoming Gears of War Movie In Development…

Gears of War Movie In Development has just got word that Universal Pictures announced that during a live stream for the upcoming release of Gears of War 4 they spilled the tea a movie was in the works.

Here is what we’ve learned on the Gears of War Movie:

Producers Scott Stuber (Ted, The Kingdom) and Dylan Clark (the new Planet of the Apes movies) at Universal Pictures. Clark is a no-nonsense guy with great taste, so this makes me excited for this project. The Rock has long been a fan favorite fantasy casting for this property so I wouldn’t be surprised if the wrestler-turned-megastar becomes attached to this.

Although the direction of Gears of War is unclear, we are crossing our fingers it doesn’t turn out like the summer flop Warcraft.

We are not sure if the film will be a straight adaptation of the games following soldier Marcus Fenix in his fight against the Locust, or if it will be an all-new story set in the universe. We hope that they at least keep to the characters in the game, but make a clear story telling for those of us who don’t play the game.

That seemed to be the biggest problem with Warcraft. If you don’t know the game, you don’t know the movie. Another key point we would like to note is that Gears of War can hopefully take the path of Marvel superhero films. You can enjoy, understand and want more even if you’re NOT a geeked out comicbook fan.

Gears of War Movie answers:

The Coalition studio head Rod Fergusson believes:

“You have to let the movies be the movies” as “they’re two different mediums, and two different audiences in some cases.”

He also admits:

“Some video game movies in the past have failed because they tried to make a movie for gamers.”

He continues saying:

“If you have this great IP with a deep backstory and lots of lore that you can make interesting stories out of it’s great, but if you just go after the gaming audience then it isn’t going to be a successful movie. That’s one of the great things about working with Universal. We’re finding that line where we can say it has enough lore and canon that it feels genuine to the game while at the same time going beyond that and asking ‘OK what makes a great movie?’”

Fergusson believes that this time, the project will come to fruition. Despite the on and off again process over the years.

We just hope they succeed in telling a story that makes scenes and is NOT another foul ball attempt at a video game turned into hopeful franchise.

Here is a trailer of the game for you to decide:

Tron: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski directed this iconic cinematic commercial for Gears of War 2 in 2009.

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