Gerard Butler In Greenland is One of The Most Popular Movies Streaming

The Most Popular Movie Streaming Now Is...

Gerard Butler In Greenland is One of The Most Popular Movies Streaming!

Butler stars alongside Morena Baccarin as they try to survive in Greenland. Continue on to watch Gerald Butler one of the most popular movies from STX Entertainment Greenland streaming on Amazon Prime… reports the combination of Gerard Butler in Greenland streaming is a perfect combination.

Butler in the middle of a disaster movie is genius.

Gerald Butler was the roughed lead hero in the 2017 disaster movie Geostorm (it may have not been stellar but it was a fun rollercoaster ride of action) and now he returns once again in this year’s Greenland.

Angel Has Fallen director Ric Roman Waugh has once again put his Hollywood hunk Gerald Butler in the driver’s seat of action in Greenland and it turned out to be a smart move. Not to mention, there will be another installment to the Angel Has Fallen franchise. The Night Has Fallen is the first of 3 more movies.

It’s the perfect combination, like other undisputed kings of mid-budget genre cinema arguably like Liam Neeson and Jason Statham.

The Most Popular Movie Streaming Now Is...


The plot hits many of the familiar beats that you’d expect, but it doesn’t opt to show the sort of wide-ranging destruction of famous locations and landmarks that have become passé at this point, instead always keeping the focus on the small family unit at the center of the story, which grounds things as much as possible in an admittedly far-fetched narrative.

The Most Popular Movie Streaming Now Is...

After posting a solid showing in theaters (in certain territories, at least) last summer, where it actually managed to turn a profit, Greenland hit VOD in mid-December before recently being added to the Amazon Prime library, where it’s reigned as one of the ten most-watched movies on the platform ever since.

Will you be watching Gerard Butler in the most popular movies streaming on Amazon Prime?