Grease Conspiracy Theory Breathes New Life 40 Years Later

Grease Conspiracy Theory Breathes New Life 40 Years Later

We were steering clear of the Grease Conspiracy Theory but we think it’s cool that it breathes new life into the popular movie musical 40 Years Later!!!

You might say, Grease is the word still today, but get more details on the flip…

Grease Conspiracy Theory Breathes New Life 40 Years Later has learned via creator Jim Jacobs, who wrote the original book and musical with Warren Casey, that Sandy is NOT DEAD!

If you read the Reddit Theorist Theory on Grease you might say it makes perfect sense, but the film was such an upbeat musical. Something like this puts a dark cloud over one of the most beloved films starring Olivia Newton John and John Travolta.

The mind-blowing theory claims:

“Sandy actually did drown on the beach that day. As she drowned, her brain deprived of oxygen, she had a vivid coma fantasy involving her summer fling Danny, where they shared a magical year of high school together,”

The theory continues:

“The visions get increasingly outlandish as time passes, until finally, as Danny desperately tries to resuscitate her on the beach, she sees herself flying into Heaven in her dying moments. The entire movie was a drowning woman’s coma fantasy.”

It almost makes Grease like a Morrissey song, like “Girlfriend in a Coma” or any of his morbid upbeat hits of death and dying.

Here is what the creator had to say about Sandy in Grease!

The Reddit theory gained speed this week and now every media outlet is jumping onboard to dismiss the theory.

A theory’s been flying around that Danny hadn’t been able to save Sandy after someone linked the “Summer Nights” lyrics, “I saved her life she nearly drowned,” with the final scene in the movie where the two take off in a flying car.

Jim Jacobs, who wrote the original book and musical with Warren Casey, is shooting down the conspiracy Sandy was dead during the whole film.

Jacobs claims that “whoever made up the theory must have been on acid.”

Jacobs says:

“Although there are differences between the book and the movie, one thing is certain … Sandy was very much alive.”

That is great to hear, but if that is Jacobs version. Then why hasn’t he explained why Danny and Sandy are flying away in a car to heaven?

Did Sandy Die in Grease?

He shot down the theory, but he didn’t reveal why they are flying away in a car to heaven? Was the theory actually spot on and he doesn’t want Grease fans to know the underlying subtext of the movie musical?

We understand that Jacobs is debunking the theory, but if you think about it, this gives Grease a whole new meaning. It makes us want to watch it agains and then breaking it down.

Here is another tid bit of evidence on why Sandy is slowly dying throughout the entire movie. Its the last part of the movie that is more dream like, and like a perfect world for Sandy.


“The last line of “Look at me I’m Sandra Dee (Reprise)” is “Goodbye to Sandra Dee”

Everything that happens in the last scene is just a little TOO perfect. Danny and Sandy are back together despite everything, Rizzo SUDDENLY isn’t pregnant AND Kenickie suddenly decides that he actually loves her, the geeky kid gets onto the sports team, EVERYTHING is suddenly ok, just the way that sweet, innocent Sandy would have wanted it to be.”

Here is what Sarah Michelle Gellar posted on her Facebook:

We suggest you watch the movie and decide for yourself, since Jacobs pointed out “there are differences between the book and the movie.”

If he is right and Sandy is alive then what was the theorist doing? Must have been good drugs.

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