Gremlins 3

Gremlins 3 Pitch Gets Rejected And Here Is Why


If you saw Snakes on A Plane then you know that it’s a classic, but Gremlins on a Plane? We just heard Gremlins 3 Pitch Gets Rejected And Here Is Why!!!! has the latest on the Gremlins 3 movie that is having a difficult time taking off…

Gremlins 3

Did you hear, Gremlins 3 Pitch Gets Rejected And Here Is Why?

Friday the 13th and Freddy vs Jason writers, Damian Shannon and Mark Swift, allegedly pitched their Gremlins 3 script for Warner Bros.’ and, well, Warner Bros. said NO! We previously reported that Gremlins 3 will NOT be a remake, but it will be a sequel.

Damian Shannon and Mark Swift thought they had a winner with their idea for the long-gestured reboot/sequel of Joe Dante’s Gremlins, but it was a “NO GO!”

Surprising their Twitter followers, the duo shared the first two pages for their concept, which opens on a plane (in a nod to “The Twilight Zone” episode ‘Terror at 20,000 Feet’?) where a dropped peanut unleashes the monsters.

Gremlins 3

It may have sounded good, but we all know the scene would look absolutely corny and critics would rip them to shreds. Hopefully the two writers go back to the drawing board and watch Gremlins to reference the movies style and genre, so they don’t loose the charm of the original film.

We feel this skit from “Key & Peele” tackling the absurdity of Gremlins 2 describes the Gremlins 3 pitch best and why Warner Bros. said no:

What do you think about Gremlins 3 Pitch Gets Rejected?

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