Halloween Announces Two More Sequels in 2020 + 2021

Halloween Announces Two More Movies in 2020 + 2021

Halloween came back in a big way last year when David Gordon Green’s reboot/sequel starring Jamie Lee Curtis opened to $76 million and went on to gross $255 million off a $10 million budget.

The movie was a huge success like it was back in 1979, so like all success, sequels are made. Read on and watch how Halloween announced two more movies

CelebNMovies247.com has the latest on the Halloween reboot franchise since Producer and series creator John Carpenter took to Twitter to announce back-to-back Halloween sequels.

There are no details about the Halloween sequels beyond it continuing the story of Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Michael Myers, so we’ll have to see what the filmmakers have in store. Green will return to direct. Per the press release, Halloween Kills is written by David Gordon Green & Danny McBride & Scott Teems while Halloween Ends is written by David Gordon Green and Danny McBride, and Paul Brad Logan and Chris Bernier. Judy Greer and Andi Matichak are expected to return alongside Curtis.

Halloween has always been the strongest storytelling of a slasher movie. It surpassed Friday the 13th since those films dealt with foolish teenagers walking in the woods. And Nightmare on Elm Street became more of a comedic approach on traditional slasher movies.

Halloween was the more realistic film about a boy who basically had a calling to kill and stabbing his sister to death on Halloween. Now the franchise has taken it a step further with the primal fear of the slasher—the Boogeyman waiting to kill you—but can you build a complete trilogy.

At the end of 2018’s Halloween, we assume Laurie has “killed” Michael, but if you remember he was not there when the camera goes back to the basement. Apparently, he got out and now he will be burned and more gruesome than ever.

It will be interesting to see how the story plays out over the next two movies, but it looks like Universal wants to take ownership of October for two years. Given the newfound popularity of the franchise, they’ll probably get it and for the relatively low price that Blumhouse provides.

Universal Pictures also posted the teaser for the ongoing saga of Michael Myers and Laurie Strode isn’t over. The studio revealed both movie titles as well #HalloweenKills #HalloweenEnds:

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