Helen Mirren Joins Fast 8; Tommy Lee Jones In Mechanic 2

Helen Mirren Joins Fast 8

We got a couple late updates for you, Helen Mirren Joins Fast 8 and Tommy Lee Jones looks wicked In Mechanic Resurrection!!!

Flip and see what we are talking about when it comes to Helen Mirren and Tommy Lee Jones…

Helen Mirren Joins Fast 8

CelebNMovies247.com has just learned that Helen Mirren Joins the cast of Fast 8, while Tommy Lee Jones looks wicked on the new Mechanic Resurrection poster!

After famously lobbying for a role in the Fast and Furious franchise, Helen Mirren revealed in an interview with Elle magazine that her efforts have paid off.

The Excalibur actress will be jumping into high-speed action since Mirren says that she wants her roles in film to be relevant and serious. Helen went on to reveal her part in the 8th Fast and Furious franchise, saying:

She’s always rather loved driving “but that’s for the fun of it.”

We learned that in order for her to join the film, she told the filmmakers that she would only do it if she was allowed to actually drive the car, if the story and character called for it.

Fans of Mirren and the Fast and Furious franchise will be crossing their fingers, hoping she’ll be behind the wheel of a muscle car directed by F Gary Gray.

Fast 8 which comes to theatres on April 14, 2017.

Moving on!

Have you seen what director Dennis Gansel did to Tommy Lee Jones?

Tommy Lee Jones, as you probably know, is not a guy known for his wacky sense of humor. He’s also not big into changing the way he looks lately. And yet they somehow got him to dress up like an SNL character for this film.

We guess that giving Tommy Lee Jones a soul patch will make him look like more of a hitman than how he always looks?

We see that Tommy is gunning for a younger look, so with a little hair-dye and a soul patch he’s looking like late 50s? Anyways take a look at the new Mechanic Resurrection movie poster.

Let us know what you think of Tommy Lee Jones in this poster. And here’s a thought, at least it’s not a Volcano sequel. LOL!

Tommy Lee Jones