Henry Cavill Hints Man of Steel 2 is Coming + He’s Onboard

Henry Cavill Hints Man of Steel 2 is Coming + He's Onboard

If you’ve been wondering what is up with the upcoming DCEU movie Man of Steel 2, Henry Cavill is toying with us a little bit.

Henry Cavill took to social media to lay some RUMORS swirling that he is Superman and that the DC Universe is finally moving forward with Man of Steel 2…


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CelebNMovies247.com has the latest news on the DC Universe thanks to this message from Superman star himself, Henry Cavill.

In a cryptic message Henry Cavill makes it clear that he is Superman, and no one is taking his spot:

Today was exciting. #Superman

Henry Cavill is laying the recent RUMORS that he was being replaced as the Man of Steel in a new Instagram post.

See, rumors started to spread about other actors possibly taking over for Henry Cavill.

After news broke that Henry Cavill is done playing Superman, his representative released a statement that indicated that the actor could have a future with DC Films and Warner Bros., and noted that the studio was going to make an official statement. – MovieWeb

The reason behind the rumors was that Henry Cavill’s post showed positive news since fans believe he was in the middle of a contract negotiation with the DCEU.

Most fans of The Man of Steel fiercely argued in the actor’s defense.

Thankfully, Cavill has stepped up to lay the RUMORS to rest, letting everyone know that he is staying on board at this point in time.

This is the one thing that Ben Affleck has yet to do regarding his role as Batman, but he’s dealing with more serious issues, his addiction and rehab.

Now, everyone wants to know if this means that he’ll film his cameo for Shazam! during reshoots?

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